Friday, October 26, 2018

2017 USGP: Stevie Wonder lights up COTA's Night Skies!

Stevie Wonder at the UN Messenger of Peace Conference in New York during September, 2016. (Image source:
As I kept waiting 'N waiting for Good 'Ol Ham-Ham', aka Lewis Hamilton to make a cameo Onstage during Stevie Wonder's Post-race Concert...

Have already lamented how BAD Saturday's show was! But I'll continue Hammerin' on, Hmm? Is it Hammertime Yet? "Can't Touch This!" Especially upon spending SAT sitting Bakin' in Duh Sun during a HIDEOUS 4hrs lull in the Action between Formula One's FP3 session and Qualie'; SHEISA!

As Claudio 'N Mwah just sat Thar Scratchin' our Noggins over how ABYSMAL the lack of On-track Action was! Even though I'd known that the FIA had granted COTA special dispensation to not run Qualie' for four hours after the (Free Practice) FP3 morning's session. So All of the casual Fans could just show up that afternoon for the "Beaver's" concert; Err, Uhm, I meant Justin Timberlake immediately following Qualifying; ACK!

And although it wasn't as muggy as Friday, it definitely got H-O-T! Whilst suffering thru that nauseating 4hrs Delay! As Claudio drug me down to the main circle's staging area, where selected Formula 1 Drivers were dropping by to amuse us with their rope tossing  skills. Yep, Only in Texas Y'all!

As Golden Child, aka Lewis Hamilton did his customary You Fans, Insert Country's Name Here Are the Bestest impersonation, Yuck-Yuck-Yuck! But the Fans Ate it up, as the stage area was Jam-packed and we elected to return to our secret Shade location.

As we listened over COTA's PA System to Valtteri Bottas lame ARSE lassoing attempt, as the Finn wasn't known for his lasso rope throwing skills! As think the Merc' Boyz' were wearin' Stetson Cowboy Hats? YEEHAW!

And I know that both of the Red Bull Squads dropped by, aka the B-I-G BULLZ' with Max "The Brat!" Verstappen and DannyRic', nee Daniel Ricciardo making the biggest impression on the crowd for their honest attempt at the lasso toss.

With soon to be ousted Rooskie' DK', nee Daniil Kvyat then making his final Formula 1 appearance and new 'lil bulls Scuderia Toro Rosso recruit Brendon Hartley dropping by. Whilst the only other pair I remember were the Haas F1 Boyz', Naturally, since after all Thar Americres' Team...

Track Announcers were Bob Constonduros and Jonathan Green who let Bob ramble on during the Vintage F1 segments, Wryly noting how Constonduros had been round long enough to have called them during their Formula 1 racing Days!

During Saturday's Formula Four (F4) Race, a Make A Wish recipient named Zachery sat alongside Jonathan Green and special guest commentator, ex-Astronaut "Kit Cobra?" Hey, that's what his named sounded like to Mwah over COTA's "Tin Can" PA System.

WHAT! You try Not being Deaf after a lifetime of listening to Rock Concerts and SCREAMING Banshee three litre normally aspirated Formula One V-10's! Not to mention the 3.5-litre v-12 era Unmuffled; Huh? WHAT? Oh Never Mind!

Upon returning home, I scoured Zed Internetz' for any Astronauts named "Cobra," which is probably a Freudian slip upon my part, since after all I'm a died-in-the-Wool FoMoCo' Fan of 'Ol Shel's', nee Carroll Shelby; but I digress...

thus the closest name that possibly fits I could find was Timothy Lennart "Tim" Kopra, who's ironically from Austin, Texas and has spent a total of 244-plus Days in Space. Last serving as the International Space Station (ISS) Mission Commander of Expedition 46/47. Returning to earth on June 18, 2016 after 186 Days in Space!

As All of this Space Jabberwalkies' making me think of another Astronaut recently aboard the Space Station who thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown spoke to briefly Wayback during the Month of May.

Whilst this world renown Astronaut racetrack photographer with the aptly chosen initials of "AJ" has just returned from his very lofty perch...

Although we "bugged Out" early, foregoing Justin Timberlake's concert in order to drive All the Way to San Antonio for Barbeque Dinner at Ruby's BBQ instead! Hey, Y'all know that the Barbecue's really good in Texas, Righto?

And although the race wasn't boring per sei, although not overly exciting either, since once again Hamilton was putting on a Master Blaster performance and leaving everybody in his wake. Uhm, I think I vaguely remember 'lil Sid Viddle, nee Sebastian Vettel getting passed once again after making a mistake On-track?

Well actually Vettel did lead briefly before simply abusing his rubber; Err tyres too much, which enabled Lewis to pounce once again and deftly sweep pass en route to another victory in Austin, his fifth W' out of the  six races run to date! Whilst Vettel's the only other driver to have won at COTA prior to this year's race.

But the Best part of the whole race was The Brat! Nee Max Dutchboy' Verstappen
telling the FIA Race Steward he's an IDIOT! For an uncalled for demotion
over the race's best part, passing for 3rd place on the final lap after starting

As we along with the majority of Fans surrounding us in Turn-11 went El Berserko! Ecstatically joyous over Verstappen's masterful race and See Yuhs Kimi! Pass upon thee Original Iceman on the final corner, for which all I could ARSE-Sume was that Raikkonen knowingly made his car wide enough for Max to have to pass him by eschewing those dreaded "Track Limits," Bugger!

Yet Verstappen subsequently proclaimed he would NOT apologize over calling FIA Steward Gary Connelly an Idiot!

another Wonder-ful' Post-race Concert...
Otay, I'll confess, the COTA Promoters Mega' Music Superstar performers selection did its job, since what sealed the Dealio' for my traveling to Austin once again for another Formula 1 race was the news that Stevie Wonder would be the Post-race Concert Choice.

Having reveled over Sir Elton John's performance over the 2015 Mud-bog weekend! Who I never thought I'd see perform live. I quickly realized this would be my lone opportunity to see Stevie Wonder perform, even if it required purchasing Aeroplane and Grands Prix tickets.

Songs Performed
Master Blaster, My Cheri Amore, I Just Called to Say I Love You, Signed, Sealed & Delivered, I'm yours, Sir Duke (You Can Feel it All Over) Living for The City, I Wish and Superstition.

As those are just the songs I could remember 'n jot down upon returning home before it All Slipped Away...

As I tend to recall that Stevie Rocked 'N Rolled for two solid hours, since I remember how we ended up getting cold, even after slipping on my windbreaker with night fully enveloping us.

But the concert was Fantastic, for which has become COTA's norm, with the Kicker being that the concerts are Free for everybody with a Grand Prix ticket!

As I was surprised that Lewis Hamilton wasn't in the house, as I really thought he'd do something with Stevie, but who knows? May be he just met him privately instead?

Whilst it's funny thinking how my last two concerts I've attended have both been at a racetrack and have been Sir Elton John and Stevie Wonder, which are two pretty B-I-G' Names and were definitely worth the price 'O admission.

As I'm pretty certain Stevie capped off his par Excellante concert with a rousing rendition of Superstition, which Claudio' told me he got up 'N danced with some of his stage performers/Background singers...