Monday, October 22, 2018

Thee Iceman' Celebrates his Birthday in Style in Austin

As what's that 'Ol Song 'bout with a 'lil help from My Friends, eh? As somebody give Kimi an Ice Cream...

As I thoroughly enjoyed Kimi and His Oomphlats' Raikkonen and la Scuderia making thou Sky Sports Talking Heads, mainly Paul di Resta look like Blathering Idiots with their alternate tyre strategy!

As chiefly Di Resta's critically belabouring Scuderia Ferrari's decision to leave thee Iceman out during the race's lone Virtual Safety Car (VSC) period as the wrong move vs. Mercedes bringing in "Golden Child" (Hamilton)

As Raikkonen now etches his name in the History Books for the time being, breaking the current record for longest duration between Formula 1 victories at an astounding 113-races, previously held by a long forgotten named F1 Pilote Riccardo Patrese's 99 races when taking the Chequered Flag at the 1990 San Marino Grand Prix, an agonizing seven years since winning for Brabham at Kyalami.

With Sky Sports Kroftie', nee David Kroft noting it had been a staggering 2,044 Days since Raikkonen last won the 2013 Australian Grand Prix - Which I knew I'd watched; Err listened to, but forgotten it was with my two favourite Lap Hoonds Mad Molly and thou Pixolater', nee Pixie-the-Wonderdog; WUF-WUF! in Tacoma; CRIKEYS MATES!

As I spent the final 20 laps of the USGP thinking 'bout Kimi's Infamous radio Quip of "Just leave me Alone, I Know what to Do! Uttered during the finish of the 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix!

Although I have mixed emotions over Raikkonen extending his Formula 1 career a further two years at Sauber to an unusual these Dazes in F1 41yrs young, nonetheless, I spent the final 20 laps of the Austin F1 race YELLING at the Telescreen G-O KIMI! G-O MAX! DON'T LET THE ARSEHOLE PASS YOU! PUCKER-UP BOYZ!

As I simply didn't want Lewis Hamilton winning Sunday, as Kimi's been in this position before, and ultimately either unfortunate or forced to move over, so it seemed that it would be the perfect way to celebrate his 39th Birthday the Wednesday preceding the USGP race as probably his last W' in Formula One!

As strangely, Raikkonen now becomes the most successful Finish Grand Prix Pilote  upon breaking his Deadlock with Mika "The Finn" Hakkinen who were knotted with 20 Grands Prix victories apiece, albeit Mika's got twice as many F1 World Championship titles vs. Kimi...