Tuesday, October 16, 2018

AVIATION: Red Bull Spreads It's Wings over Indianapolis...

A Few more Aeroplane racing tidbits, as now Thars' just the final race left to decide this year's Champion.

Don't know if Y'all heard or read that 'Ol SuperTex, nee Anthony Joseph Foyt, Jr. at the spry age 'O 83 recently held court at Mother Speedway as the Grand; Err Air Marshall for the recently contested Red Bull air Race.

And the Show at Mother Speedway apparently didn't Disappoint. Even though Foyt was ARSE-Sumedly rootin' for his Homeboy Kirby Chambliss, since A.J. noted that's what fellow Texans do...

Nonetheless, it was another unknown to Mwah Yank' Stealing the Show, as Michael Goulian flew into the record books by winning the 2018 Indianapolis Red Bull Air Race. With Gouliand vaulting from nine markers back to the points lead, now five ahead with just the season finale at another B-I-G' Oval-track.

As the season finishes on November 17-18th at Eddie "the Goose" Gossage's Texas Motor Speedway, where hopefully Gouliand will be triumphant, as the Massachusetts native who's just turned the B-I-G 5-OH' will be trying to join a rare group of American pilots to have won the Red Bull Air Race's elite Master Class World Championship.

Currently Chambliss, now 59 of Corpus Christi, Texas won the title in 2004 and '06. While fellow Yank, the late Mike Mangold of Cincinnati, Ohio was World Champion in 2005 and '07 before fatally perishing aboard his Acrobatic airplane in December, 2015.