Thursday, August 2, 2018

HYDROS: The Summer that Real Life got in the Way of Seafair

As I'm highly Doubtful I'll have been reconnected to either Zed Internetz' or thou Telie by this weekend's annual Seafair Festivities. Which is Ok, since our local KIRO7 TV Coverage has been Neutered!

As what did 'Ol Forrest Gump say 'bout chocolates? Since right now, presumably my new Dwelling, Ergo No Fenders Office will look more like a bowl 'O Spaghetti; Momma Mia!

Which is simply why I Don't have the time or energy to try writing some Oh, so Clever Seafair Preview this year, especially when the official H1 Unlimited website is so slow to provide meaningful  information ahead of time.

Like they couldn't even divulge whether or not the Season Opener Southern Cup event on Lake Guntersville in Alabama was a National High Points paying race or not?

While Hopefully I'm Not Fixin' a Hole' whilst wonderin' How many W's' has Andrew Tate racked up so far...

Or why J. Michael Kelly and the U-12 graham Trucking weren't listed as preliminary entrants, which ended up being only seven Unlimited Hydroplanes initially, before just four Hulls contested the final.

As hopefully there will be a Full field at Seafair this year, as Y'all can watch the previous year's Season in Review to wind-up your Roostertails; Err Turbines...

No Fenders is Moving...
As it's Funny; Ha-Ha? What we keep in our "Prized" possessions over thou years, Eh?

Although I'm very relieved knowing that Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen's safely packed up All of my various Artwork, including such finery as the signed? Framed Ivan Capelli March CG891/Judd V-8 poster I acquired at the Iceberg Grand Prix some 29yrs ago; YIKES!

Along with All of whatever Framed Artwork I've accumulated over thou Years that She spent several hours carefully packing for Mwah ...

Alas, with great reservations, your Humble No Fenders Scribe is moving thou "Office" to a newly undisclosed Tomaso Manor location this week after some 20+ years.

Hence, I'll be going somewhat silent for a few weeks time, as I'm moving the No Fenders Office South; Err North , albeit NOT the Great White North Eh! So Take Off Geddy! Hya!

As Presumably, although Y'all know what happens when Yuhs Arse-sume', Eh? Yet I'm Optimistic I'll finally be breaking the Shackles of the Nation's WORST Internet & Telecommunications provider Frontier, along with Ditching Thar' Free-Dumb' Plan, 'cause; Oh Never Mind!

Therefore I've got NO idea who my knew Internets' Service Provider will be, or how long, and most likely hard to re-establish connectivity with the "Outside World" will take?

So please be Patient, since as one of the latest No Fenders commenter's sez', Thars' plenty 'O Dribble to Amuse Y'all in the Cavernous Archives here...

As Hopefully things will go Smoother than when one of my past favourite IndyCar Drivers was Moonlighting as a Penske  Rental Truck Driver... Careful, Objects may appear Larger in the Mirrors!

And even though he now Chauffeurs the Menards Car part-time, "Symone Pagenoe," nee Pageantry', aka Simon Pagenaud should definitely stick to his "Day Job, " eh?

While I've been busy the past month getting Thy Knucels'  Bloody typing up another Batch 'O Award Winning No Fenders "Canned" Blog Posts just to keep Y'all in Stitches; Err the No Fenders website from being completely Dormant...

While I suppose it's either very Karmic or simply apropos? That I met Simon's "Better Half," ergo Haley his Girlfriend by sheer Happenstance this May towards the tail-end of Carb Day at Mother Speedway. (IMS)

And although I totally got the Joke simon, when you mentioned during your Monday Night's Indy 500 victory Banquet Acceptance Speech. If you can't see my Menards racecar then there's Definitely something Wrong with your Eyes! And you'd better have 'em checked...

Yet sadly, since I'm Blind! That's exactly what thou situation was Trackside, as I couldn't SEE Any of the Freakin' Race Cars!

But I know this was just some of your typically Brilliant French Humour; Wee-Wee! Especially since once again, I thought Pagenaud's speech was the funniest of the evenings...

Penske Moving Truck from Images.

Simon Pagenaud autograph obtained by No Fenders 'Offical Photographer CARPETS" when attending one of his numerous Don Kay Autosport Radio shows; when Symone' still drove for SPM, and was one of my Top-3 Favourite IndyCar Drivers...

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