Friday, August 17, 2018

McLaren Madness: Road Cars, that is

Tomaso asking Claudio if he thinks it's Fernando's? Whilst checking out this McLaren at Circuit Of The Americas. (The Tomaso Collection)
As why did I suddenly think of Mark Knopfler's Croc Style song when writing that title, Eh?

Your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso and his personal COTA Sherpa Claudio were caught (above) ooglin' over a "Fly Yellow" McLaren parked somewheres' near the entrance to Circuit Of The Americas during last year's USGP.

Although somehow I Don't think this "Stock" McLaren's paint job is near as expensive as someone Shilled Out for Thar McLaren Senna edition vehicle...

While if that didn't grab your Attenzione, then perhaps Y'all will wish to Drool; Err read about the presumably already Sold Out limited edition McLaren Senna vehicles, Eh?

But wait a minute Marty McFly! why isn't that one of them Longtails, Yuhs know, the bodywork that Porsche pioneered Wayback in the 1970's.

And lastly, I've previously regaled Y'all 'bout my wonderful visit to the McLaren Scottsdale Dealership and the privilege of getting to sit behind the wheel of the car that started it All!

Now if only McLaren could build a Winning Formula 1 Car...

(Picture C/o Nelie Austin Photography)