Tuesday, August 14, 2018

RETRO: Trundlin' Down Memory Lane

As perhaps it's a sign 'O life? And what stage I'm in, albeit not sure if it's the Compression or Exhaust Stroke? Whilst Waxing Nostalgic upon where My Racing Bug came from, especially since I'm in the midst of creating a New Chapter 'O life upon moving...

This past Father's Day weekend, in his typical No Nonsense Prose, 'Ye OLDEST IndyCar Blogger; Hya! Geo. Phillips of Oilppressure fame, wrote a very touching article about how his love for Indy Cars was spawned by his late Father.

Yet as I've mused here multiple times on No Fenders, in a different lifetime I'd typically be seated Trackside at Portland International Raceway for the yearly Father's Day CART/PPG IndyCar race. When Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) invaded the Pacific Northwest.

Whilst I've definitely got mixed emotions over attending this year's Portland Indy Cars event, which is  a whole different story for another day. But I'm glad I'm going...

          Although I cannot say my Pops' Tomas, Sr. is a REVHEAD' by any stretch of the imagination, but he did ignite some early Motoring tendencies in me, with the two coolest Cars he drove.

As I most fondly remember these two particular machines. The first being a "Plain Jane" 1969 Ford Mustang two-tone Coupe, which I believe was "Slime Green" with a Faux Black vinyl top.

Since all I recall, besides the unusual, but very cool looking "Quad" four round Headlights, is it's being an automatic, presumably a three-speed? Situated in the center console, with its traditional T-shape handle.

And although apparently Thars' quite a few variations of what was available for ordering for the base model Coupes, I also recall it had black leather? Bucket Seats. While I'd ARSE-Sume' he opted for the base 302cid "2V" V-8 lump, as all I can guess is that the 2V stood for 2 Venturi, i.e.; carburetor?

while who really knows? Especially since I couldn't see the Speedometer, but I always revel over the time Pops' said shall we see how fast we can go? During an early morning romp upon the Freeway. Before telling me we were doing the unthinkable - blastin' away at 120mph! Meaning the speedometer would have been "Pegged!" Which as a 'Wee lad, totally intoxicated my "Need for Speed!"

While the second "Cool Car" I've previously scribbled 'bout on No Fenders, was his elegantly penned Silver Porsche 924...

As Tomas, Sr. was more passionate about Unlimited Hydroplanes, albeit he was a Pride of Pay 'N Pak guy, who were the scourge of Mwah, since I quickly gravitated towards those iconic blood red "Beer Wagons," a la The Bud, or formally known as Miss Budweiser.

As how many car washes did I have to do during our yearly Seafair wagers due to that Dreaded Pak beating the Bud; URGH!

Although Pops' did take me to Seattle International Raceway in Kent, WA, presumably my first ever racetrack outing, as his late co-worker Jan was either "Crewing" or racing his own Sports Car there, for which I can no longer remember the exact details...

And lastly, by sheer happenstance, in one of the houses we moved into, I discovered an original Steve McQueen Le Mans poster. The iconic one depicting this Ultra Bad Arse staring towards Yuhs, with those steely frost blue eyes, in those legendous' gulf Oil Overalls, with his Balaclava?  Or more likely Firesuit's Nomex exposed underneath his chiseled jaw.

While I also found the partial remains of two Kiwi Orange TamiyaMcLaren Can An cars, of fairly large-ish scale, probably being to radio controlled (RC) models? Since the molded plastic was bright orange, and I vaguely tend to think I found some very small gage wiring also?

Tending to recall having found mostly just bodywork pieces to those Uber' NASTY! Ground Poundin' seven litre Chevrolet Big Block Can Am Beasts featuring prominently in "The Bruce & Denny Show!"

And that's some of the Kindling used to begin what's ultimately become my life's passion of Motor Racing.

whilst Pops' also introduced me to several Rock Bands, including the Little River Band, who's first hit was It's A Long Way There, clocking in at an unheard Mondo' length 'O 8:38 Mates!