Friday, September 28, 2018

F1: Will the German Grand Prix return?

As Hopefully Liberty Media will put its Money where its Mouth is, regarding keeping the Historical Grands Prix on the F1 Calendar...

Yeah, here I go again. Spoutin' on 'bout thou Seas 'O Synchronicity surrounding Nofendersville Isle... As it's somewhat Apropos that the final Formula 1 race I'll be watching; Err listening to on Thy Telie' for the foreseeable future, as I madly try poondin' out one more story before stopping Thy No Fender Press!

Was the German Grand Prix Wayback on July 22nd. As it's hard to believe it was ten years ago I attended the race with Kuhnaidiun' No Fenders Contributor Claire. When some Fresh Faced Punk named Lewis Hamilton won the race.

As I felt a really strong urge Wayback then to attend partially due to it being Jimmy Clark's 40th Anniversary of his Death on the "Real" Un-neutered Hockenheimring.

While Sports Car great Derek Bell reminisces over the legendous' Jimmy Clark's tragedy 50 years later over the German Grands Prix weekend...

While now 'lil Sid Viddle, nee Wonderboy Seb' Vettel's apparently worried 'bout the future of his Home race, since the promoters cannot afford to keep paying the traditional escalator clause in the F1 Contract; Ja Volt!

Which is totally familiar to Mwah, since I've just been effectively priced out of my living Domicile due to the unrelenting yearly rent increases here in the Pacific Northwest!

As I'd hoped to scribble Somme-thun' more definitive upon the German Grands Prix plight, and possible replacement venues, if the Nurburgring cannot reclaim its rightful status upon the F1 Calendar.

But Alas, I've simply run outta time, as the clock's run down to 0, my Flying lap won't count, as I'll not manage to Survive Qualies' Q1 session - And the Moving Truck's here; Ariva-Ariva-Ariva!

German Grand Prix reprieve
After I'd initially posted this story to "the Cloud;" Err No Fenders for release into the wilds... Low 'N Behold, thou Mustachioed One, aka "Chevy" Chase Carey was Delighted to announce that the German Grand Prix would be retained for 2019.

As naturally Mr. Carey's happy, since this keeps the Formula 1 calendar bulging with 21 races, which feeds his Billfold, Eh?

But it's nice to know that the German Grand Prix will be held two years in-a-row for the first time since 2013-2014, along with the first time back-to-back at Der Hockenheimring since 2005-06.

Ah, but to think once upon a time when some Chap named Schumacher was Decimating the F1 Arena, Thar were actually two Grands Prix held per season in Germany...