Monday, September 24, 2018

MOTO GP: A little light reading

As it felt like it had been around a month's time since snooping around the very little intelligible MotoGP websites that exist today when originally spotting some of this News... As Y'all remember MotoGP, Righto?

Just had to post Somme-thun' about my current Numero Uno Kneedragger Johan Zarco, who apparently is sliding down the pecking order. As Motorsport Magazine scribe Matt Oxley coiffed the Frenchman as the Proud Cock; YOUCH! Uhm, I meant the young Rooster, who's apparently been laying some eggs lately.

Yet All the Rage right now, the past Fortnight  following the San Marino MotoGP round at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, was the Unthinkable Disregard for Riders Safety when a young Italian Moto2 Rider attempted to pull another's Brake lever while chortling down the Straight at some 140mph; SHEISA!

Now in what I can only ARSE-Sume is a Money Matter? I find it quite annoying how none of the traditional Newspapers I listen to via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service ever report anything about the MotoGP races. Having checked the wares of The Guardian, BBC, Daily Mail and Reuters All to NO Avail! Forgoing the London Telegraph since they publish their Motorcycle racing News weirdly in their Cars section, Huh?

As the only news was the nonstop coverage over Romano Fenati's INSANE Brake lever shenanigans! Whilst speaking 'O Brakes, I ran across an interesting story on James Allen's website comparing the top two categories of Formula 1 v MotoGP.

And lastly, although we're now past the Mid-season for MotoGP, here's what one Pundit was noting for MotoGP Rider Swaps et Al...