Monday, September 24, 2018

Moto2 Rider Sacked after Dastardly On-track Behaviour

By now, Y'all have surely heard of scorned Moto2 rider Romano Fenati's inexcusable actions during the most recent San Marino Grand Prix round, when the Italian apparently had Brain Fade when deciding to pull the Brake lever on a fellow Moto2 competitor at some 140mph; SHEISA!

As there's simply NO plausible explanation for such Dastardly actions during a race, especially when it's on motorcycles, which aren't exactly known for their overabundance of safety features!

As I totally applaud and agree with the Moto2 Teams' decision to swiftly terminate his contract and immediately dismiss him from their organization!

While Moto Matters contributor David Emmett has penned the following article detailing the young Italian's fall from grace in;

And the Hits just keep Ah-Comin' for this thoroughly Disgraced Moto2 Rider. As now the FIM's taken his license away.

Ironically, or Cruelly? It just so happened that a most Disparaging Anniversary of another Motorcycle racing incident was quietly being marked over the very same weekend. As Motorsport Magazine Hack' Matt Oxley was commiserating over three times consecutive 500cc World Champion Wayne Rainey's career ending accident 25 years ago at the very same racetrack...