Sunday, September 2, 2018

Another Rising Star Dutchman?

Although He's on this side 'O thou Puddle, so Don't Fret Max Dutchboy' Verstappen ...

Although I'm anything but settled in my new Domicile'; Err "bungalow by The Sea." Nonetheless, it's pretty funny how we All depend upon having access to Zed' Internetz', Eh? For which I've just reestablished connectivity a scant 9-days after moving; but I digress...

Thus, I decided to visit one of the web's worst sites, due to its propensity for its "Tokyo Fly by Night" page layout... As I'm talking 'bout the esteemed website.

Hence, all I really wanted to know was when were the two Indy Lights races being broadcast upon thou web? And would I be able to Hear 'em?

Afterwards, I visited the Mazda Road To Indy's Indy Lights News tab and was surprised to learn 'bout another rising Dutch Phenom, with the last name of "VK;" Huh?

As the article's headline did its job, since my curiosity, which always makes me think of an 'Ol business on Seattle's Waterfront named Ye OlCuriosity Shop, established in 1899! Grabbed thou Attenzione with the mention of Luyendyk.

But it's all about 18yr old teenager Rinus VeeKay who's set to become this year's Pro Mazda Champion when taking the green flag in either race at the season finale at Portland, and presumably will be contesting for next year's Indy Lights crown. Then ultimately Indy Cars in the near future if everything goes according to plan...

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