Monday, September 23, 2019

INDYCAR: Double Your Trouble, Season Finale's Double Points All the Rage

Autographed TCGR Scotty Thee Iceman' Dixon 2013 "Hero" Card obtained at Autosport Radio Show at McGilverie's in Speedway, Indiana. (The Tomaso Collection)
As what's that Jeremy Shaw? You say that Sports Cars Doesn't Need to Artificially Inflate Thar Season's Title Fight with Double Points? And that the current points spread is only 12-markers' heading into the Season Finale for the Prototypes Championship at Petit Le Mans...

I'll admit that I haven't truly gotten "Jazzed" over an IndyCar Season Finale race since Wayback in 2015 for All the wrong reasons, primarily since I was "Secretly" Rootin' against Juan Pablo Montoya over a weekend spent in thoust Dark! One of the rare times my past Neighborhood's Electricity was out due to a sudden Wind Storm...

ARSE-Sumedly since the racing season's winding down, I eagerly awaited listening to the Sports Car race from Laguna Seca the week prior to see if it would give any clues upon how the forthcoming IndyCar race would shake out?

As it was El Capitano', nee Roger Penske's 200th Sports Car race, for which Dane Cameron and that Pesky Montoyer' Feller' done won the race aboard their No. 6 Acura Team Penske (DPi_ prototype, giving Roger his 90th Sports Car victory in a 2hrs 40mins race that ran caution free with 31 entries in four different classes at Monterey.

Which means the IndyCar Boyz' shouldn't have any troubles runnin' clean at Laguna Seca Raceway with eight less Competitors, El Correctomundo Graham Rahal? Smoke On?

Meanwhile, once again I agree with IndyCar's OLD-est Blogger Geo. Phillips, Yuck-Yuck-Yuck! As I too am a traditionalist when it comes to Points Scoring and still have to remind myself that everybody get points for participating these Days, instead of the 'Ol CART system I grew up with paying out for First thru Twelfth Only, from 20 points to One...

As why do I still vividly recall the 1985 CART/PPG Indy Car World Series season being Dramatically Won by B-I-G AL' (Unser) whom I was rootin' for to Beat his son 'lil Al, which he did by one lone, solitary point at the season finale on November 10th at Tami Ami Park in Florida!

Whilst we can all Argue over the significance or Degrading of the Championship swinging in Scott Dixon's favour in 2015 due to Double Points. But ultimately, Juan Pablo Montoya should have been more patient getting round Penske team-mate Will Power then he was that title deciding day...

As it appears that the "Made for TV" double Points Gadget Play began in 2014 under the Randy Thee CandyMann' Bernard regime... With the awarding of Double Points to that year's three 500 mile Oval races; Huh? That's triple what the calendar will host next year!

Along with Thee Uber  Retarded Indy 500 Qualifying system paying 33-points for Pole! Which is still Skewed incorrectly, but at least more palatable with only Nine points being awarded instead of 33!

Although I Fail to comprehend why Pole position at Mother Speedway should be worth Nine-times anywhere else on the IndyCar Calendar!

Then beginning with the 2015 IndyCar Series season, Double Points were Awarded for just the Indianapolis 500 and the Season Finale, which I find to be totally unwarranted!

And while I'm an Alexander Rossi Fan when it comes to the Championship, having long grown tired of Penske winning every Freakin' year! I wasn't expecting anything different this time round, with Josef Newgarden winning his second Astor Cup trophy in just three years; SIGH!

Yet it's somewhat funny to Mwah, since I spent how many seasons rooting against Dario REO Speedwagon' Franchitti in those Target Red Chip Ganassi machines in favour of Will Power at Gulp, Team Penske.

Which I've already previously scribbled here on No Fenders that Rossi's Championships pursuits remind me of 'Ol DJ WillyP', nee William Power's yearly struggles to win a title. Since I'd enjoy seeing Andretti break the Penske-Ganassi Championship Freight-train, now that it's Done Rolled On for Seven Gory Years!

(Scott Dixon "Hero" Card c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')