Wednesday, September 4, 2019

IndyCar's "Made for TV" 2020 Schedule announcement

The following programme is brought to you by Clabber Girl and is Not in Any way Endorsed or Promoted by No Fenders...

Yeah, I know it's still 2019 and Thars' One More IndyCar race remaining. For which if Y'all are wonderin' why the extra week's gap between races this year, Laguna Seca Raceway is hosting its annual round of the Weathertech SportsCar Championship the weekend of September 15th.

As presumably the Sports Car race was already confirmed prior to Indy Cars making the switch from Sonoma to Laguna Seca this year, El Correctomundo?

And I'll try refraining from going El Bluto' over that Dripping with Condescension, Read the Bloody teleprompter Infomercial' segment featuring Hulman & Co's Majestic Puffed Shirt Mr. Mark Miles during IndyCar's Portland's Pre-amble.

As we know our Fans are Very Intelligent... Which is why we Won't be saying One Gory Word 'bout Not returning to Pocono next year. As even Miles presentation sounded like he had too much Starch in his Collar as he Blithely read his Script thru clenched teeth.

As Inquiring Minds wanna Know, who picked up the Tab for Miles Cameo at Portland International Raceway?

Thus without further Adu, here's the Lowdown upon next year's IndyCar Calendar, which sees some venue Dates movement to accommodate the Summer Olympics and the 12 Hours of Sebring.