Tuesday, September 17, 2019

IMSA: Longtime Announcer Brian Till Fighting Cancer

Although I typically Don't listen to the Marshall Pruett Podcast's. And Not because I Don't like Racer's Marshall or his Guests. But primarily since I cannot seem to figure out how to open the link with my Screen Reader interface; But I Digress...

Nonetheless, I'm always intrigued to hear what 'Ol r', as I believe it was another Media Man with the Moniker JMV . Nope, Not 'Ol Jan Michael Vincent of Airwolf Fame; Hya! But Indianapolis's 1070 WFNI The Fan's "Shock Jock," Uhm Talk Host John Michael Vincent calls Robin Miller has to say.

Thus I tuned into the Marshall Pruett Week in IndyCar MP 647 Podcast on Friday the 13th NO less; Aye Karumba!

And listened to All Gory 98mins, for which towards the end of the Podcast, Marshall noted that it was great seeing the support fellow Announcer Till was getting at his Go Fund Me page for his fight against Throat Cancer, which I was totally Unawares' of. Which Y'all can read 'bout in the Racer link below.

Whilst I've been a Fan of Brian's a longtime now, and have always thought he's a fine Broadcaster who we should get to Hear more of, having briefly chronicled Till in the following No Fenders tome. 

As Kudos to Graham Rahal & Courtney Force and everyone else Donating to his cause...