Monday, October 28, 2019

INDYCAR: A Frightening Thought...

Claudio & Tomaso Partying with McLaren Boyz' on Downtown Streets of Austin during a festive Fan Fest on Halloween evening, circa 2014. (The Tomaso Collection)
And I'm Not talkin' about readin' this Gory No Fenders Blog; Ha-Ha-Ha, It's just ah-Thriller!

Whilst I'm totally Aware that it's just an expression to Describe what one thinks, nonetheless when having "My Gal" Lucy', My ARSE-STEAMED Screen Reader read me one of thou OLD-est IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips; Hya! Recent Oilpressure Stories. I noticed Thars' that word again, that mildly Annoys Mwah!

As George casually mentioned you'd need to be Blind to not notice how Ugly the new IndyCar airscreen made the Dallara DW12 chassis look! For which I'm totally relying upon his words regarding this.

Yet George isn't alone in painting this word-association picture, since I've previously bridled over some French Chap known here in Nofendersville by many names, i.e.; "symone," Pageantry' or formally simon Pagenaud Who once Quipped You'd have to be Blind to not be able to see his Hideously Bright Menard's paint scheme. Which I tend to recall was during the 2018 Month of May...

As I've joked round here on No Fenders over the years about my being Blind, for which Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen likes to remind Mwah of, when I occasionally think I've still got my more youthful, better, more vibrant eyesight! Having reminded Y'all many times about my Affliction over the years with the following No Fenders rant...

And as I ponder this? I cannot even remember how many years now have gone by since my RP, technically known as Retinitis Pigmentosa has made me No longer able to even see what once were just Blobs 'O Colour going round in Circles, a la Open Wheel Racing Cars!

Not to mention how G-DAMN Insanely Grueling 'N Frustrating it's becoming trying to S-E-E what I'm loading onto the P.O.S. Blog Platform I utilize to post these Gory No Fenders Stories; SHEISA!

 Retinitis Pigmentosa

Since it's been a Bloody longtime now since I could see anythingy' on Ye Intrawoods', (Internet) perhaps as long ago as when I could actually discern the two opposing Lotus-Lotus, Renault-Renault; Err Caterham v Lotus-Renault Green vs. Black racing car liveries...

Alas, my racing world revolves round thoust past. Hence my being critical towards what I can only mentally picture in my Cranium when I hear the word Halo, a la a toilet seat? Versus the 1990's era of CART/Champ Car and formula 1 machinery I grew up with, for which one of 'Ol PT's monikers forever sticks in my memory banks...

Although  I'm Not saying I'm in favour of Not Protecting Racing Drivers! And certainly Don't have any answers, regarding improving Indy Cars or Single Seaters overall safety.

Since just think of how much Backlash there was regarding the Delta Wing concept, Eh? (Myself included) With canopies not being new, think Unlimited Hydroplanes.

Yet racing cars can Never be 100% Safe! Which Antoine Hubert's recent Death should remind us of.

Not to mention just having celebrated the five year anniversary of Jules Bianchi's Horrific Accident at Suzuka that ultimately led to his Death...

While George tosses out the idea of lowering the Airscreen by an inch or so for better cosmetics, I'd be weary of doing this, as especially taller drivers a la Graham Rahal might take offense to this?

Not to mention that nobody's talking 'bout reprofiling the front A-Arms which I learned about via Racer's Marshall Pruett's article with veteran IndyCar Engineer Craig Hansen regarding this 50lbs albatross.

While I haven't even gotten to my other point, when some 'Ol Curmudgeon said to me at the beginning of this year's IndyCar season. Why would Anybody wish to Listen to IndyCar's on Radio? In regards to IndyCar erecting it's NBC Sports Gold Bricks Pay Wall this year!

Since if you're blind like I happen to be, albeit having NO Clue upon how few Blind Open Wheel Racing Fans there are? Since the RP website Denotes Us Afflicted by this Disease as 1 in 4,000! Then obviously Clear & Concise Audio Description of Motor Racing is vitally Important vs. Television's ARSE-Sumption the Viewer can S-E-E the Onscreen action.

For which at least the Movie Industry get's It? As I now totally rely upon and Demand that any movie I attend be equipped with what I typically describe as "Adaptive listening" Devices. For which spoken narrative is heard via wireless Headset whenever there's No Onscreen Dialogue via the Actors.

Then again, perhaps I'm one of the lucky few who cannot See how Ugly either the now de Riggour Halo or Airscreen is? For which, why do I still recall 'lil Syd viddle', aka Sebastian Vettel claiming he got Dizzy when testing the original Red Bull Formula 1 Airscreen?

And why did that comment 'bout putting Lipstick on a Pig just spring to mind? But does it really matter what your Blind rambling No Fenders Blogger Tomaso thinks Anyways'.