Monday, February 17, 2014

Villeneuve makes a Valid point...

Normally I've got nothing good to say about 1997 F1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve, who as the esteemed 'Awntie Harriet would point out is a Hot Head! As the last few times I've watched the 'Kuhnadiun at work he's been recklessly bashin' & bangin' fellow competitors in the Nationwide series... Which is why I find his comments towards the new 2014-spec F1 cars so refreshing.

"The cars look as if they are asleep,"

As Villeneuve correctly points out how bad the cars look, and the lack of true driver input anymore - claiming the fuel saving is done electronically, not by the driver's foot, which if I was going a 'Wee bit cynical, I'd say that it sounds like a Driver Aid, which are currently vanquished...

Meanwhile, the 42-year old 'KuhNuck has just announced that he'll be making his debut in the burgeoning World Rallycross championship this year, as the series has just been granted full FIA status, and I believe it's being called WRX? Hmm? Why does that make me think of Subaru's iconic Speedster, eh?

Yet Yuhs cannot fault Villeneuve, who's best quote on the matter of  his new endeavour was; why wouldn't I wish to race a car that's got 600bhp! And certainly Jacques inclusion in the series won't hurt attendance at the upcoming round this August in Trois-Rivières, eh?