Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Massa stirs the pot for Ferrari while trying to get a Handle on new braking system...

Felipe Massa has predictably chosen la Scuderia ex-team mate "Fredrico Suave," aka Fernando Alonso to come out on top vs. his new Prancing Horse stable mate Kimi Raikkonen, by claiming the Spaniard is more clever than thee 'Kimster is, which all sounds like a 'Wee bit 'O sour grapes to Mwah.

Interestingly, what I wasn't aware of until starting to search round about le Intrawoods, nee Internetz  was the fact that this year's F1 chassis will be utilizing "Fly-by-Wire," electronic rear braking, in order to work in concert with the massively complex Energy Recovery systems, (ERS) to which Massa has noted require a whole new braking method which he's still trying to get to grips with, which makes me think of 'Ol Dario's (Franchitti) difficulties of trying to reprogram his brain towards right foot braking for the new DW12, which I'm not sure if he ever actually succeeded on converting or not?

Also believe that the new ERS is supposed to allow  for either a longer duration of "Hyper-space" mode, i.e.; when the ERS "Turbo" button is pressed, while I know it'll definitely give a higher horsepower boost vs. last year's KERS 80bhp - as the new 1.6-liter V-6 turbo units are reumoured to produce 600bhp with ERS providing an extra 160bhp boost!