Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 F1 Car Launch: Mercedes adds a pinch of purple to their Silver Arrows...

Nico Rosberg piloting the Mercedes W05 at Jerez. (Image source:
Is it a sign of things to come? As the Works Mercedes team comfortably ran the most laps at the winter's first test just completed a Fortnight ago in Jerez, Spain with a total of some 200-plus laps being accumulated vs. quadruple world champion Red Bull's disastrous miniscule 21-laps - as the Mercedes Benz runners were the most productive  of the three engine manufacturers taking part this year.

But the "BIG" news was  about thy young "Louise 'JAGUAR" Hamilton's front nose - not his, but his Mercedes W05's breakage on Day-1 of testing, along with Messer Hamilton being the first On-track Tuesday morning, whilst I'm wondering if there's any coincidence in Lewis picking the number 44, as  in Y'all recall when Bob Tulius's Group 44 ran Jaguar's in IMSA competition, right? While thee "Great Nico's" number six choice is for his father who ran the number to his world championship title for Team 'Willy (Williams) 32-years ago.

As I don't really have too much to say about the Silver Arrows other than apparently they've decided to add a splash of purple to the chassis this year and very appropriately were running with the "hash-tag" Keep Fighting Michael! Just behind the driver's cockpits in honour of fallen ex-team driver Michael Schumacher - whilst the team seems to be very stable at the moment - even with Ross Brawn's decision to retire to Go Fishing...

Team: Mercedes
Chassis: W05
Engine: Mercedes Benz

6) Nico Rosberg
44) Lewis Hamilton