Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Who like's Indy Cars new schedule?

As I must say, I think Mark Miles & Co. are on the WRONG track... Since I've really enjoyed NOT listening to or reading anythingy 'bout IndyCar since last December, and even surmise it could plain just disappear like those Halcyon Dazes 'O yearly jaunts to Portland International Raceway each 'N every Father's Day weekend for thy cherished CART outing - and I'd be none the worse for wear; YIKES!

Thus, whilst I haven't read this story below, nevertheless I found its title amusing, especially since I find the "New & Improved" IndyCar schedule so derisive, surely also being quite tumultuous, right? As I must say the cynic in Mwah found the title to sound like a "Rainbows 'N Bunnies Sunshine Squad's" PR Spin piece. I means if Yuhs just start eating yours spinach likes Popeye's does...

Dr. Strangerace or: how I learned tostop worrying and love the new IndyCar schedule

While I was far upon thee not so happy side of 'les Miserables when spouting off my disgust over the overly long winter's Off-season in;

Thus I'll leave I-T to Y'all to decide, as in: You make the Call!