Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 F1 Car Launch: Can Red Bull continue crushing the opposition once again?

Daniel Ricciardo actually driving the RB10 at Jerez, briefly. (Image source:
By now, I'm ARSE-sumin' Y'all know 'bout Red Bull's less than impressive beginnings to this season's winter testing at Jerez, where the Quadruple Double World Champions saw nothing but a host of reliability issues being chalked up to the Renault V-6 turbo power unit, albeit cooling and turbocharger issues also resulted  from Adrian Newey's overly tight 'Aero-packaging...

And as what apparently will be  de riggour this year, the RB10 will sport one of the UGLY noses which are commonplace this season due to the rules package, as really FIA? You cannot figure out how to avoid this?

Meanwhile on the driver side, I see that "TWINKIEBOY," aka Seb' Vettel is being his usual typical graceful self by stating that new-boy Daniel Ricciardo will have to go it his own way and shouldn't expect any help from the reigning world champion... Uhm, so glad to hear you're such a team player Sebastian; Oh Never Mind! As I'm really looking forward to both of the Mercedes and Ferrari's beating you this year...

Ricciardo to make own way at Red Bullsays Vettel

Team: Red Bull
Chassis: RB10
Engine: Renault

1) Sebastian Vettel
3) Daniel Ricciardo

Red Bull launches 2014 RB10 Formula 1car before Jerez testing