Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 F1 Car Launch: Ferrari leads the way with Online launch dance...

Kimi Raikkonen putting miles upon his new sled, the F14T at Jerez. (Image source:
Apparently la Scuderia, nee Ferrari was once again the first F1 Constructor to show off its wares for the 2014 season via the A-L-L knowing "Intrawoods" (Internetz) with a few computer assisted rendering teases.

And while Ferrari's front nose treatment isn't beautiful, like all of its competitors, nevertheless I'm somewhat surprised to hear that they've kept the much unloved front Pullrod layout in favour of the more traditional Pushrod layout that most of the competition utilizes.

And you already know about the much publized driver switch, with Kimi Raikkonen replacing Felipe Massa after eight years at Maranello, as obviously Ferrari is seeking to recapture the Constructor's crown at the very least, while also expecting one of its driver's to win the world championship with probably the nod going to Fernando Alonso, but will Kimi play along?

Team: Ferrari
Chassis: F14T
Engine: Ferrari

7) Kimi Raikkonen
14) Fernando Alonso