Friday, May 8, 2020

INDYCAR: Breaking News, Sorta, Not Really...

Hmm? Was Thar some Sorta Really, Really, Big Announcement Yesterday?

Thanks in some small part to the Commodore 64k Computer I'm currently utilizing here upon thoust Isle 'O Nofendersville. Along with my ISP's Blazing Intrawoods' Uhm, Blaze    ---            Stall, Sputter-Sputter, Cough-Cough Clutch In! Ing Speeds; Oh Never Mind!

Perhaps Y'all have heard that IndyCar has Announced that its truncated 2020 NTT IndyCar Series Season will begin at Texas Motor Speedway on June 6th. With All of the Necessary Health/Safety Precautions taken,.

Along with a condensed One Day format featuring just Indy Cars On-track, with Practice, Qualifying and the Race All being Held Spectator Free on Saturday, June 6th. with the Shortened 300 miles Distance Race beginning live on NBC Sports at 5:15PM Pacific, and reportedly the Green Flag being waved at 5:45PM Pacific. But Check Your Local Listings As Always!

According to IndyStar's Crack Motorsports Reporter Nathan Brown, the Deal's Clincher for TMS President & General Manager Eddie "The Goose!" Gossage said with Tongue Firmly in Cheek - was the caveat of getting to comb El Capitano', nee Roger Penske's Motorcoach for 10mins and keep whatever he finds underneath the seat cushions. Since we All know how sloppy Roger is; Hya! Uhm what's his mantra 'bout Attenzione to Detail, Eh?