Friday, May 8, 2020

INDYCAR: E-sport Rewind - wrapping Up the Virtual Series Winners

Rear view of Stefan Wilson's #25 Andretti Autosport Dallara/Honda racecar in garage during 2018 Indy 500 Qualifying weekend. (The Tomaso Collection)
Since now that we've been entertained the past six weeks by i Racing, Inquiring Minds Wanna Know, when will we G-O live Motor Racing?

In deference to what May 1st signifies, Since every May Day for over a Quarter Century now will forever be recalled as Black Sunday for Mwah!

Hence it seems like it would have been only fitting for this past weekend's IndyCar i Racing Finale; Cough-Cough! Y'all know what was Billed as the Super Duper "Double Secret" Non-IndyCar Dream Track Finale, Righto? Ahem, to be held on San Paolo's venerable Interlagos circuit; But I Digress...

Twin Ring Motegi
Round 4: April 18th
It was nice to return to a racetrack familiar to Mwah, even if I cannot SEE I-T Anymores. and Nah, N-O SMores' Jokes here; Hya! Since I still vaguely recall a time in life when i reveled in the fact as A Diehard Blue Oval Fan that the Honder' boyz' were getting Beat by the Ford Cosworth runners at Thar Home-track; But I Digress...

Very Kool' to have Oh KanaDuhs' Robert Wickens on Pole position, albeit it lasted only momentarily, as Thee Young Wicky got caught-up battling Will Power and after they tangled he fell backwards in the field, a pre-cursor of what was to come, Eh! Although Wickens recovered for a fine Fifth place finish.

And although All of the racing Pundits are claiming this was a Gripping Race, with the Outcome being decided in the final laps when DJ WillyP', nee Will Power Tripped over Backmarker Oliver Askew whilst Penske team-mate Scott McLaughlin was Hunting him down for the W', who I was Rootin' for...

We  All know that McLaughlin got Foghorn LegHorned; YOUCH! And then third place Simon Pagenaud swept into the lead to claim victory again. Before getting tagged by Scott Dixon and a pirouetting Helio Castroneves on the Cool-down lap.

Thus I found the race's outcome a letdown, and was actually far more Amused by 'Ol Rowdy Holmes; Err Kyle Busch's Pre-race interview, where he gleefully noted he was going Old School, proclaiming his Sym rig is what an IndyCar looked like Wayback in the 1980's-1990's, since he was using a real Honest-to-goodness manual "H-pattern" shifter!

Then Sardonically Quippin', Ain't N-O Paddle Shifters on this Steering Wheel, it's just got Buttons, loads 'o Buttons! Which once again presumably sparked interest in All of the various types of Sym rigs Thee Big Boyz' are using, El Correctomundo?

Yet Kyle acquitted himself nicely, especially since Drivers were needing to do multiple Downshifts and Up-shifts in thoust corners, finishing a very respectable P13 on his maiden IndyCar virtual race foray.

Circuit Of The Americas
Round 5: April 25th
Although V-8 Supercars racer Chaz Mostert of Walkinshaw Andretti United, for whom I'm Arse-sumin' Zack Brown and Gil de Ferran are no longer part of? Since Thar now Arrow McLaren SP IndyCar Team rivals; But I Digress.

Obviously Mostert's i Racing Debut at Andretti Herta Autosport was completely Overshadowed by the weekend's performance of another Big Name International Racing Star. When Lando Norris of McLaren F1 Fame completely Obliterated the Competition in his IndyCar Debut!

As the 20yr old Briton Came, Saw and Absolutely Conquered!

Even with one of NBC Sports Booth Boyz', pretty sure it was (Townsend) T-Bell' Cheekily Quipping may be he Spun just to make things interesting? For which I'm fairly certain after starting from Pole and simply walking away from the field, Lando Didn't intentionally Spin upon his Luke-warm Flinstone rubber!

While fellow competitor Scott McLaughlin summed up Lando's performance best, wryly noting that Norris is an Alien! Although it's worth noting that Lando's been racing virtually since Age 6; Aye Karumba!

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Round 6: May 2nd
As you'd' have to Ah-Thunk' It, that Symone Pagenoe', nee Pageantry', aka Simon Pagenaud was definitely the Front-runner after having won Back-to-Back Oval-track victories leading up to the race.  

whilst Will Power's name has to be in the mix I suppose. Although the Aussie' Ain't on my list of favourites since he seems to have a propensity for Wranglin' with other competitors. Not to mention calling 'em Wankers! Although He's finished in the Top-5 every race except at COTA.

And Sage Dangerboy' Karam presumably shouldn't be overlooked, especially since He's a Sym racing Stud! And spent much time leading on the previous Ovals when playin' Leapfrog with DJ willyP[, aka Will Power.

Rounding out this virtual Top-5 list 'o Contendahs', the most inspiring newcomer to Mwah is Kiwi' Supercars Bad Arse Scott McLaughlin!

While Speaking 'O Kiwi's, suppose Yuhs should never count out Ye Iceman, nee Scott Dixon, Righto?

As I began the Day's Finale by thinking that Pagenaud simply wouldn't three-Peat today, as it seemed like Thar was too much emphasis upon his Oval Prowess. Yet even after "Dead Sticking," i.e.; running his fuel tank dry entering Pitlane, he was still a Contendah' late in the going, before apparently Nerfing Norris!

While it was a pleasant surprise to have Scott McLaughlin starting from Pole today, even if in the untraditional No. 40, which made me think of those long forgotten Visteon Pat Patrick CART entries. Which I even recall seeing T-Bell' chauffer at Portland International Raceway...

but that was before pure, unadulterated Pandemonium Erupted, and several of the IndyCar Series Young Turks decided to begin ruthlessly Dive Bombing each other! With a totally unexpected winner, not to mention podium, for which I'll let For The Love of Indy's Raymond Hando do thoust Heavy Lifting instead. Especially since the Driver I was Rootin' for who got totally Hosed after making a brilliant pass for the lead was Marcus Ericsson; Yah-Sure-Yuh-Betcha!

While Y'all might wish to take in Racer's Marshall Pruett's impressions of the whole i Racing Experiment, and what was learned over the course of six weeks...