Wednesday, May 1, 2019

F1: Silver Anniversary of Sport's Worst Weekend remembered from Afar

Ayrton Senna and Emerson Fittipaldi during 1992, when Senna briefly tested one of roger Penske's Penske PC21/Ilmor Indy Cars. (Image source:
Like can it really already be Twenty-five Years since that Fateful May Day in Imola?

For Mwah, it's hard to believe that another five years has passed since commemorating the 20th Anniversary of that Horrific San Marino Grand Prix, for which F1 Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward's prophetic words are still clearly ringing in my ears. When Joe muse how every Dog and Man would be scribblin' about Senna's passing on May 1st, 1994.

As it seems a Wee Bitamyte' Sad that Indy Cars No longer races in Brazil, with their Hero Senna once toying with Thee Ronster', aka Ron Dennis over racing in IndyCar, which just seems like a negotiating ploy...

Hence I Don't really have much new to commiserate upon the late, great "Saint Ayrton's" passing, other than is it already nearly eight years since I attended that truly wonderful Senna Documentary in a Seattle Theatre; Aye Karumba!

Not to mention how I suppose it's Apropos, Karmic, Symbiotic or another Wee Bitamyte 'O thoust Seas of Synchronicity Splashin' over me here upon Thy Mythical Isle 'O Nofendersville, that I finally had my Randy Owens lithograph titled May Day, depicting Senna's Rothman's Williams FW16 in rear profile racing off into the Sunset finally framed, even if I cannot currently see it in my new "Bungalow by-the-Sea's" too bright natural lighting...

Alas, Since my memories of the man I once feverishly chastised as ARROGANT! Hey after all, I then was a dedicated Alain Prost Fan are fleeting, I'm glad that I've scribbled down my long fading memories of the one 'N only time I ever saw Ayrton in thou Flesh! Nearly 30 years ago now during my Debutante Formula 1 outing in The Valley of The Sun. Which I jotted in the following No Fenders tome.

As perhaps it's somewhat morbid that I finally framed that lithograph commemorating Senna's Death? As I know Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen found it a Wee' bit creepy. But for Mwah, it's my own way of honouring one of the Sport's Greatest Drivers, along with my plethora 'O Michael Schumacher memorabilia...