Thursday, May 16, 2019

INDYCAR: Cockpit Tech' and Qualifying re-format tidbits

Just a few quick Jots' about some major changes for this year's 103rd Indianapolis 500 and Indy Cars in general...

Certainly Y'all have Heard of Indy Cars newest Driver Safety Device, the Advanced Frontal Protection Device, or AFP for short by now, Righto?

As the 5lbs (total weight) Bulbulous titanium AFP device made its On-track Debut during the Speedway's April 24th Open Test,

Before making its IndyCar competition debut at this year's Indianapolis Grand Prix Road Race. And will remain on all IndyCar chassis for the remainder of the season.

Also, this year's Mack Daddy Indy 500 sees some Aerodynamic "Tweaks" being instituted for the May 26th race, for which I'll let Racer's Marshall Pruett due the Heavy lifting.

While finally, certainly Y'all have already heard the News over Indy 500 Qualifying being re-shuffled, moving the Top-9 Shootout for the Pole position and now the Last Row Shootout occurring on Sunday. As Saturday's traditional "Pole Day" will now just Lock-in Positions 10-30.

But Don't expect to See much of Saturday's Qualifying Action unless you're willing to Bend Over, Drop Trow and buy Access via NBC's Gold Bricks Pass... Like why would Indy Cars want to air more than once single, lone, Freakin' solitary hour of Qualie' on Mainstream "Linear" TV? As talk 'bout promoting your product, Eh?

After all, it's only Thee GURR-Reatest Spectale in Motor Racing, Righto? Oh Never Mind!