Friday, May 3, 2019

KTM Continues Spanning the Globe

Hell, even 'Ol "golden Child," aka Lewis Hamilton wants to test some two wheel Thunder, albeit probably a Hondre' or MotoGP duc'

Ah, what's that they call in the Racing Trade Back-timing? As it's several weeks ago now when I heard thee Voice 'O Indy Cars Leigh Diffey noting how the upcoming AMA Supercross event from Nashville would be interesting. Since it featured KTM team-mates being 1-2 in the Championship.

As this was the race being replayed Sunday morning which Jumped All Over Indy Cars Bootyful' Barber's TV Broadcast Schedule...


As another Supercross race come 'N gone, for which I Don't bother watching on Thy Telie' anymores', since it's nothin' but NOISE! Not to mention the Hyena Whine 'O Ralph "Keyboard Warriors R-US" Sheheen.


Thus I had zero clue who Diffey was talking about, since I didn't hear him mention any names.

Yet it turned out to be that 'Ol Muskrat' Feller, Marvin Musquin whom I first learned of a year ago when Supercross was Invading Circle City.

As Marvin was one of the two Red Bull KTM Riders currently fighting for the title, albeit it's Musquin's team-mate Cooper Webb who currently leads the points battle, and presumably will have been crowned the 2019 AMA Supercross Championship Winner by the time this No Fenders story Flies over thou Burms...

As KTM has become the predominant force in Supercross, beginning with Ryan Dungee's "three-peat" between 2015-2017. Followed by Jason Anderson's 2018 title for Seester' brand Husqvarna, meaning the Austrian Motorcycle concern's won the last four years in-a-row.

And ARSE-Sumedly, Cooper Webb will notch his Debutant 450 SX B-I-G BOYZ' No. 1 Plate either at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium's Penultimate round (4/27) or at Salt Lake's Sam Boyd Stadium's Season Finale May 4th, unless something truly Bizzaro' occurs during those final remaining events.

Not to mention that KTM has completely throttled the Two-wheel Competizione in the DAKAR Rally, having won every single event from 2001 thru 2019; aye Karumba!

Thus, the point of this warblin' No Fenders story is that hopefully KTM's aspirations of winning, and ultimately becoming a Dominant Force in MotoGP will also transpire. Which certainly is what my current Numero Uno Kneedragger' Johann Zarco's counting upon.

As I must say I was quite surprised when the Frenchman signed to ride for KTM. As I get how Zarco would wish to move up to a Factory "Works" effort, but seriously? You'd have Thunk It! That Johann would see there were better factory efforts out Thar, Righto?

As certainly Johann's ruing his choice of not choosing to ride for Suzuki, if the scant rumours I've read about interest from them is true? Not to mention that momentarily Zarco's KTM team-mate Pol Espargaro has the upper hand, having just finished P8 at Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) vs. Zarco's "Pedestrian" P13 Finish.

Although presumably in KTM's favour is the fact that they're running essentially four Works Scooters' in MotoGP with the aid of their Satellite KTM Monster Tech 3 Team. The former Monster Yamaha "Tek Twah" (tech 3) Squad Zarco rode for, and Hence will have twice as much Data acquisition capabilities vs. Suzuki's single entity.

Not to mention eventually, the services of ex-Repsol Honda Factory Rider Danni Pedrosa as their Test and Development Rider...

And I'll Confess, as just A  "Casual" MotoGP Fan, I really Don't have a whole lot of insight upon Zarco's decision to sign with KTM for two years, but certainly wish him and the team the Best, since more true Competizione is Always Better  for the Sport, and us, thou Fans!

As I'll be interested to see how Zarco and KTM progress this year. especially since KTM's Head Honcho sez' they're intent upon winning in MotoGP within five years of entering the sport. And presumably Zarco felt this was his best Factory Option...