Sunday, May 5, 2019

Happy Cinco de Mayo RevHeadz'

Patricio "Pato" O'Ward's Carlin No. 31 during Friday practice at the Oh, so Bootyful' Barbers, nee Barber Motorsports Park, AL. Photo c/o George Phillips (Image source:
As this Tecate's for you Yo Adrian', aka Adrian Fernandez, since you're not of legal Drinking age Pato'; Hya!

Otay, so it's just an excuse to post the picture of Patricio kindly taken for Mwah by Fellow IndyCar Blogger George Phillips of Oilpressure Fame...

Pretty Funny now that Patricio "Pato" O'Ward's become my current Numero Uno IndyCar Driver, that I've just learned his actual Birthday, which occurs the day after Cinco de Mayo. Not to mention Thee OLD-est  IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips; Hya! Informing me of Pato's actual car number, which I'd mistakenly ARSE-Sumed was the No. 23 - since he's sharing seat-time at Carlin with his elder team-mate Narly Pinball', aka Charlie Kimball; Ariva-Ariva-Ariva!

As Where Art Thou Jeffie' of O.L.D. Fame, nee One Lap Down? As Yuhs know uze wanna Blog some more 'bout Indy Cars!

Hence I felt the need to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year in Honour of Pato, which I Don't do here every year in Nofendersville, and took a decidedly different tact last year.

Naturally, O'Ward will wish to emulate fellow Countryman Adrian Fernandez's stellar IndyCar career, Ci! For which I still say it's past High-time for Indy Cars to return to Mexico, which features a rich history of past Open Wheel Racing talents.

Whilst let's not forget Checko', nee Sergio Perez currently flying his Country's Flag in Thee Pinnacle 'O Motor Racing, nee Formula 1. Where currently, the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez hosts one of the more entertaining Grands  Prix each year.

And look Mah, I didn't even make any wisecracks 'bout Someone Sayin' We're Full! Or Building Walls, etc...

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Y'all!