Saturday, May 5, 2018

Two Artists who took Different Paths

An example of Harold Cleworth's paintings, Depicts a Customized 1950's Mercury. (Image source:
As both Men have simply chipped away at their profession...

Otay, so it's a 'Wee Bit of a Stir-retch. But in honour of today being Cinco de Mayo, I'm going a different route than past years here in Nofendersville.

As I listened to two articles about Artists upon my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service recently, that I found most appealing. One regarding a still struggling Artist, and another who's apparently made it, albeit they're both foreign to Mwah.

As the first is Manuel Lopez, who began Drawing at an early age, when he competed with his sister over who could draw the best Trix Rabbit. And when he was eight years old, first discovered those East L.A. Hills that would ultimately become his future landscapes.

In High School,
he began having friends pay him for Artwork of various subjects, along with discovering the famous Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo, for which he promptly became engrossed in.

Attending the "Windy City's" Art Institute of (Chicago, Lopez became somewhat disillusioned, when students asked him why he would paint a Psychedelic Unicorn flying thru a Storm of Glitter in Outer Space? As Manuel liked working in bright Pinks, Green and Blue Hues which reminded him of home.

As naturally Lopez felt Offended over being Chastised for not doing traditional Latino Artwork, when others critiqued his work as not being from his Culture, Whatever that means, Ci?

Returning home to Los Angeles, Lopez initially Quit Art, before finding work as a Teacher's Assistant for East Los Angeles College Art Courses. Before ultimately returning to those Boyhood Hills of East L.A. which now serves  as his current Artwork inspiration...

Then next how could I resist a story about an Automotive Artist? Especially since the catalyst for the story, was the author's having purchased a 6X8-inch print of a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso as a 'Wee lad in Bloody England.

Fast forwarding some four decades later, and the stories' author having relocated to Los Angeles, he struck up a Casual conversation with an Ex-Pat named Harold on Venice Beach when Dog Walking, who told him he liked painting Cars. Later Harold showed him a book containing some of his Artwork, which included that exact same Ferrari 250 GT Lusso.

Ironically, Venice Beach is where Manuel Lopez got his inspiration for his Unicorn painting after seeing various "Surfer Vans" there.


While the renown artist's name is Harold Cleworth, although his formal name is Harold James Cleworth. He's just one more famous Automotive Artist I've never heard of, but it sounds like he's a Fantastic Painter, now in his late 70's, but having NO desire to stop painting Classic Cars anytime soon.

And it's pretty Cool that the author who penned the  story, got a total surprise from his wife for his 50th Birthday, when he was presented with a Cleworth original of his classic 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7 GT!

And as 'Ol Stevie Gee-Tar' Miller once Crooned:
"I'm gonna Buy Me a Mercury,
Drive Up 'N Down these Hills,
'Cause I'm Crazy 'bout Mercurys!"

Now Somebody Give Me A Cheeseburger!