Monday, May 14, 2018

Maximum Attack...

Max Verstappen sits on a Kerb after Crashing Out of Friday's first Free Practice Session in Baku. An Ominous sign of things to Come later that weekend in Azerbaijan. (Image source:
As Defending Indy 500 winner and former Formula 1 Pilote' Takuma Sato says: "No Attack, No Chance!"

For Mwah, it's very Funny how much Hot Air has been Blown about over Max Verstappen's Driving Style. Since what's been ringing in my Head ever since first hearing this Noise! Is the late Ayrton Senna's poignant Quote - something like: "As A Racing Driver, if you see a Gap and Don't G-O For It, then you're NO longer a Racing Driver!"

As I'll admit, originally I wasn't a Fan of Max Dutchboy' Verstappen, instead enjoying calling him by his other nickname, "The Brat!" Which No Fenders F1 Spotter Jeannie coifed him, upon his arrival to Formula 1.

Yet sometime late last season, I suddenly found myself enjoying Max's exuberance, not to mention his superb Driving Talent. Presumably this occurred sometime round him notching his third Formula 1 Victory in Mexico City, Ci?

Although I'm way more a Gynormous Fan of Daniel Ricky' Ricciardo's, and always have been. Way before his most Awesome performance en route to an improbable victory at Shanghai!

Nope, I'd say I latched onto the Smiling Aussie' Wayback in 2014, when he thoroughly Kicked 'lil Sid Viddle's (Seb Vettel) ARSE at Red Bull!

alas, I'll probably always be more a Fan of Ricciardo's than Verstappen's, but I now fine myself rootin' for either of these B-I-G BULLZ' Boys to Kick Golden Child's (Hamilton) and Vettel's Heinys!

As the Junior Verstappen reminds me of another Brash, Controversial Hard Chargin' multi-crashin' IndyCar Driver whom El Capitano', nee Roger Penske reputedly flirted with Firing before he won his first race a Quarter of a Century ago at Long Beach.

As he's got many nicknames, but this one should give it away, Can Y'all Say Mr. Chrome Horn? As the former IndyCar Driver I'm talking 'bout is named Paul Tracy.

As what's that 'Ol Racin' Adage 'bout rather having a Fast 'N Speedy Driver you need to Slow Down. Rather than just a plain 'Ol SLOW Driver needing to Speed Up...

Naturally, I'd scribble the above sentiments prior to watching the Sunday evening's Encore Presentation of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix...

Where I'll skip lamenting too much over ESPN2's, le Douche' Butchery of the race! As the Condescending Female's voice Thanking me for my Stupidity 'O Watching their Horrendously Sliced 'N Diced Production would return exactly where it had left off after the Commercial Break; BULLSHIT Sister!

As they went to Break right in mid-sentence of Thar Pitlane Pundit; Uhm, Reporter? Theodore, Not Lenny Krabitz' asking Saint Christian (Horner) for his take upon his two Red Bull Charges (Drivers) having just Crashed each other Out!

For which when we came back from an agonizingly long Commercial Break, the interview was over and Sky Sports had moved on; Crickets?

Thus it all came Flooding Back over what rubs me wrong about a new nickname for the Dutch Sensation, i.e.; "Max for Crashing;" YOUCH! Since that makes me think of the past Crashmeister Pastor Maldonado; YIKES! Although I'd say Verstappen's way more talented.

So I can live with his petulance over the In-car Radio, even if it makes him sound like a Spoiled Brat! Which is surely why they're played for us.  But I cannot overlook Max's affinity for making Double Moves to Block Opponents, for which he's now got a well documented History of.

As Verstappen makes me think of his Red Bull Predecessor in more ways than one, 'lil Sid Viddle, nee Sebastian Vettel, whom I find to currently be the Biggest Arsehole on the Formula 1 Grid! Followed extremely closely by Lewis "golden Child" Hamilton.

Whilst his Squeeze Job on Danny Rick' makes me think of Herr Skewmacher's blatant pinching Rubino' (Barrichello) along the Pitlane Wall!

Thus I applaud "Danny Ric's" masterful set-up and overtaking abilities, for which he was forced to try a second, third or was it fourth? To Overtake Verstappen, who once again moved twice, which is a blatant Disrespect for the  Rules!

And if nothing else, than at least Ricciardo gave his younger team-mate a pretty Damn Good message when the pair collided, by showing he's NOT gonna put up with Max's Act! Even if they Broke the Golden Rule of Motor Racing. Do NOT Take Out your Team-mate!

"Meanwhile, immediately following the race, Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda said Verstappen was 70 per cent at fault."

"It was the latest high-profile example of the 20-year-old Dutchman’s aggression, and five-time grand prix winner John Watson, who had a distinguished career in the Seventies and Eighties, placed the blame squarely at Verstappen’s feet.
Watson told Sportsmail: ‘Red Bull have created a monster. After signing him up on a multi-million bucks deal, he thinks he is undisputed No 1. Actually, the way he races is as if he’s still in F3.
‘If I ran the team, I’d swap him with Pierre Gasly, put him back in Toro Rosso (Red Bull’s junior team for whom Gasly drives), to learn how to be a grand prix driver. Until he realizes that driving as recklessly as he does serves nobody, he is just going to be a dangerous hot-rod.
‘To think smart, not fast, is beyond him. Over four weekends so far he has screwed up each time. They’ve created a monster and it is difficult to control it now."

Whilst I've got NO Clue on whether or not I'd catch leDouche's  Sky Sports Spanish GP Chop-fest prior to the race. Or how would the Red Bull Pair get on in Barcelona? Like would they play nicely with each other? And when will Verstappen's weaving antics lead to a really big, Horrendous, Harmful & Nasty Shunt?