Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Le Mans and WEC Super Season Moving to New TV Network

But Good luck Seeing I-T!

Ah, the Dominoes Uh Keep Falling, as now Sports Car racing is moving to a new Television Home Stateside, for those of us who can actually watch it! Since although it's not as pathetic as MotoGP moving to beIn' Sports, it's still on a somewhat obscure Network. With Racer's Marshall Pruett noting it's in a somewhat paltry 73 million U.S. Homes. Which by my Ryth-Muh-Tickin' is just a skosh over 61.6%.

With the Nielsen Ratings company claiming Thars' currently 118.4 million U.S. Houses with Television sets, while the U.S. Population was 323.13 million in 2016...

While hopefully it'll be better than Liberty Media's Regurgitated Sky Sports Formula 1 coverage, since Velocity's using the same Business Model, and will simply "Pipe-in" Eurosport's TV Feed.

But HELL! If my Over Inflated, Money Grubbin' comca$t Cable TV Service Provider cannot even offer me (Fox Sports) FS-2. Then Thars' probably NO way in Bloody Hell we'll get the Velocity Channel in time for Le Mans! Since it AIN'T on my current Channel lineup.

So I'll just listen to the race via Radio Le Mans and the always enjoyable tones of 'Der Heindenmeir',aka John Hindhaugh instead!

As it sure would be nice  if comca$t at least offered a Motorsports Channels Package, Eh? Although I shudder to think how much more they'd need to Rip Us Off in order to do this...