Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Indy Cars Young Lions making Good Impressions...

Alexander Rossi being swarmed by a throng of Fans during the Grand Prix of Alabama weekend. (Image source:
Uhm, every time I have mixed emotions 'bout the new "Joe Cool," aka Alexander Rossi, he goes out and proves me wrong!

Although Phoenix and the first Oval race of the season is a distant memory now, I found myself more impressed over Alexander Rossi's Good Sportsmanship gesture to protagonist Robert Wickens upon the finish of the race. When Rossi immediately sought out Robby' and congratulated him upon his podium finish. (Which I must acknowledge NBC Sports Network's lead Announcer Leigh Diffey brought to our Attenzione during the Post-race festivities...)

As I've never doubted Rossi's driving talent, for which I'd say he put on one Damn Fine Clinique at Phoenix on an Oval NO less! As much has already been written about his staggering 53 passes equaling nearly 20% of the entire overtaking maneuvers...

Having latched onto him during his struggles as a Formula 1 "Simulator Jockey" and Test Driver for the F1 Backmarker concerns of "Lotus-Lotus," Caterham and Marussia, before finally getting his brief chance to compete in five Grands Prix.

And my zenith of Wow factor for Alexander came upon his most impressive runner-up finish to Stoffel Vandoorne in the 2014 GP2 Championship! As perhaps you've heard of this Stoffel Chap currently serving as Fernando's Wingman at McLaren, Ci?

Whilst Y'all might say it's easy to "Monday Morning Quarterback" Rossi's impressive racing performances to date this season, but I'm not really surprised. since after all, I now find this a byproduct of his Dogged Determination to achieve his goal of racing in Formula 1!

And if you've read this No Fenders Blog over the years, then Y'all know I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting Rossi Wayback in the fall of 2014 in Austin; undoubtedly before he was a blip upon anybody in Indy Cars radar.

As he was super polite and gracious to Mwah, a nobody (Blogger) wanting his photograph and a chance to speak to him, so I must confess I got my Dander Up over the elder Statesman of IndyCar blogger's initial opinion towards him.

As I realize now, after myself waffling back 'N forth over Rossi's Demeanour, although I was ecstatic after his second W at Watkins Glen last year, having known he'd win again. As thankfully, he's now NO longer tied with DannaWho on the Career Wins tally; YOWZUH!

That perhaps Rossi is just camera shy or doesn't enjoy being in the Spotlight, since I'd heard from I think both Conor Daly and thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown? That he's actually a pretty funny guy when he's not in the public eye, for which that forever changed by winning the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500...

And we All know that Rossi was utterly Dominant on the Streets of Long Beach, California, finishing P1 in nearly every session, including scoring his second Career Pole position emphatically, en route to winning his third IndyCar race, leading nearly Wire-to-Wire!

Although the following race at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama  didn't exactly turn out Rosy for Rossi, but then again it was literally a Crap Shoot for everybody, including the winner!

Yet the driver who's WOWED me the most this early portion of the IndyCar season, or is it half over already? Is the driver who'll forever be known as "Thee Young Wicky" to Mwah, which James Hinchcliffe named him Wayback during Thar Champ Car Atlantics Days.

As once again, Y'all don't get to the pinnacle 'O motorsports, nee Formula 1, or I'd say to perhaps a slightly lesser extent Indy Cars without being one Bad Arse Hombre racing driver!

Since although Robby', which is what Hinch is calling his good friend and team-mate these days, didn't make it onto the F1 Grid, he was briefly a reserve driver and then Factory Mercedes DTM HotSchue' for several years.

And since I was already a Fan of his, Wickens electrifying performance during his IndyCar Debut immediately triple-gainered' him to becoming my new Numero Uno IndyCar Driver! And that was before his brilliant encore during his first ever Oval! Not to mention an excellent P4 at the Bootyful' Barbers.

Especially since my previous choice, Conor Daly's been busy spending way too MUCHO time sitting on the Bleachers Cheerleading for the likes of Rossi, Hinchcliffe and others... As I'll say it again, get this Dude a Fulltime Ride El Pronto Indy Cars, Kapishe!

And that's without even mentioning the likes of Zachery "Moose" Veach, who has really made waves with his toughing out the Barber weekend with Food Poisoning, preceded by his career best finish of fourth place at Long Beach.

While Pietro Fittipaldi, who sounds an awful lot like Grandpa Emo, Eh? Will make his inaugural Road Course start at the Indy GP. Along with making his Indy 500 Debut this May, as one of four Rookies.

Although that was obviously before his NARLY Shunt at Spa Francorchamps one week before the Indy GP, when Pietro broke both legs during Qualifying for the World Endurance Championship's opening round of the season...

And Jordan King, who's just performing Twisties' Duty for Ed Carpenter, has been extremely fast, making the Top-12 Qualie' sessions, albeit crashing a lot of cars... Or the Hoser from Up North Eh! Zachary Claman DeMelo - with the longest name in motor racing, who owns his own (ZCD) Shoe Company and Tap Danced All over Spencer Pigot, Graham Rahal and others in Alabama, to name just a few...

As I'd be ecstatic if Rossi could pull off another victory at Mother Speedway this May!