Sunday, May 27, 2018

RETRO: The Final Time Lotus went Whoosh

Joe Leonard's Pole winning Lotus T-56 on display at the IMS Hall of Fame museum in 2012. The Tomaso Collection)
Since although Colin Chapman & Co. would return one final time to the Speedway, the turbines would Flame Out forever...

Fifty years ago today, the revolutionary, and now iconic? STP Day Glow orange Lotus 56 Turbines raced in anger at Indianapolis, and like their predecessor "Silent Sam," almost won the race. As I've previously scribbled 'bout these Loti' Whooshmobiles in Part 3 of my epic No Fenders Brickyard Loti tome.

Or Y'all can start at thee beginning, and read the whole Bloody story by starting with Part 1;

As I've got ZERO Clue if we'll be treated to another encore Parade lap demonstration run at Mother Speedway this year in honour of this Anniversary? Especially since it appears the Speedway's Honouring "Uncle Bobby's" (Unser) achievement of winning his first Indy 500 race instead...

(Photo c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')