Saturday, May 25, 2019

INDY 500: A Wookie', A Three-times Champion and Journeyman Driver round out this year's Cast of One Offers'

Oriol "Suitcase" Servia's #16 RLLR dallara-Honda IndyCar during the 2017 Indianapolis 500. (The Tomaso Collection)
Although I Don't expect any of these Drivers to Win this year's Indianapolis 500...

And now it's almost showtime Folks! As the field's been filled nearly a week ago, whilst your humble No Fenders scribe finishes his epic 2019 rendition of Indy 500 One Offers' - for those of Y'all still reading, Mates!

103rd Indianapolis 500 Starting line-up

Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing
Engine: Honda
#42. (R) Jordan King, United Kingdom
First Race: 2019
Starts: 1

Anyone who's followed Indy Cars recently will know that Jordan King filled-in at Ed Carpenter Racing, running the Twisties' portion, i.e.; Road Courses & Street Circuits part of the calendar for FAST EDDIE', aka Ed Carpenter last year, before being replaced by Ed Jones this season.

As I'll defer Y'all to my riveting No Fenders IndyCar Rookies tome from last year instead of reinventing thou wheel, regarding Messer King.

And I still don't get Jordan's return to Formula 2, other than apparently he couldn't find a desirable Fulltime ride in Indy Cars? Or his Budget didn't encourage this?

Hmm? May be a Fulltime Drive with Carlin in IndyCar next year? Or even more intriguing, a fulltime Gig with McLaren Racing in Indy Cars for 2020, with some Feller' named Fernando as his Indy 500 team-mate?

As King very Stealthily Stuck Himself into Thee Show, as I'll admit he was one of my three picks to DNQ this year. But acquitted himself nicely with a four-lap Qualie' run of 227.502mph, locking him into the field on Saturday, qualifying on the outside of Row-8 in 26th.

Ironically, King qualified one position ahead of fellow British Rookie Ben Hanley, who very impressively steered the DragonSpeed entry to P27 with a 227.482mph average...

Team Penske
Engine: Chevrolet
#3. (W) Helio Castroneves, Brazil
First Race: 2001
Winner: 2001-02, 2009
Starts: 19

Another year, same 'Ol HULIO' platitudes, Eh? And although he's the only Three Times Winner in the field, and one of only nine men to do so. He's also the only winner now relegated to "One Off" status.

Although I'd say the Brazilian was totally Overshadowed by some former F1 World Champion Spaniard and Juncos Racing and Kyle Kiser's epic qualifying run, Ci!

As we All know of Castroneves burning desires to add another Borg Warner trophy to his collection of three "Baby Borg" trophies.

Yet for Mwah, I still revel in the Delight 'O Helio finishing runner-up three times, most recently during his epic Duel with eventual winner Taku-san', aka Takuma Sato in 2017!

As a member of Team Penske's Four-car Armada, I suppose Y'all cannot ever count out the wily Brazilian from joining a rarefied trio of Four-times Winners, as Helio's either lost a step this year or is flying underneath thou Radar?

But I certainly Hope Castroneves NEVER joins Foyt, Unser, Sr. and Mears as Four-times winners! Although that's a debate for another day...

Team Stange Racing with Arrow SPM
Engine: Honda
#77. Oriol Servia, Spain
First Race: 2008
Starts: 11

Seems that I've seen this entry's nomenclature speeled' two different ways, yet being the very last official Indy 500 confirmation, and in the sake of going alphabetical, hence we'll go with the Team Stange moniker, which I really, really wanna make into Team Strange! Which apparently one nameless reporter did so; Hya!

Oriol "suitcase" Servia made his first start at the Brickyard over a Decade ago now, and has definitely earned the nicknamed bestowed upon him by the past Chump Cars TV Announcer Rick "Insert Sponsor's Name Here" Benjamin, due to his propensity of constantly changing teams...

Although this seems the worst kept secret, especially with Servia seeing limited Seat-time during the April 24th Open Test? Or he was Hanging out with the Arrow SPM Boyz' at the very least then. Since I tuned out for many hours of the rain delayed Webcast.  

nonetheless, Arrow SPM didn't make Oriol's inclusion to this year's Indianapolis 500 official until the day prior to Opening Day, ARSE-Sumedly to garner some media exposure, Eh?

Although Obviously; SNAP! Effectively this is a third car Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports entry in every guise, even down to running the team's traditional #77 on it...

Although I'll confess that I didn't see this unlikely Team Stange Alliance as Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports third car for the Month of May...

As we All remember Servia leading last year for 16-laps late in the race, albeit on an alternative Fuel strategy aboard the No. 63 Scuderia Corsa Racing with RLLR, effectively Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing's third entry. Which has apparently become the best way to Fast-track a Start-up IndyCar entry.

As I've got Zero Clue upon this Team Stange Racing concern, other than reportedly it's a RASSCAR' ARCA entity, which doesn't even have a working Website!

(Photo c/o No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')