Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Technology Rears its Ugly Head Again...

As will Microsoft, Google and it's Armies 'O IT Boffins ever make transitioning to a new Operating system easy? As I won't even Dare saying thou word Seamless, Bastardoes!

Yes, of course I realize Thars way worse Problems afflicting the World right now, specifically the omnipotent scourge 'O Ye COVID 19 Pandemic, Beirut's Port Explosion, Cancer et Al...

But to Quote young Alexander albon, I'm definitely still A Bit Fresh right now! Especially over the Nasty trick those Bastardoes at Google just played upon Mwah...

As I've been dreading the day that, the blogging platform I've used since starting this Blog Wayback in September, 2006 would Force me to use Thar New & Improved "Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge," NOT! Blogging platform, which from now on I'll refer to as Blooger! Since I knew it wouldn't work with my outdated Screen Reader, which they've done to me before, but that's a whole Nutter' story for another day, since I've been fighting the Demands to Upgrade to the New, Bootiful' Colour Coded Dig-It-Tull' world 'O winDOUGHS for several years now...

Another relic from Microsoft's Dustbin...

But I'm really Cornfuzed! When you read the words Dismiss this Notice, what does that imply? As Jokes On Me! Since I finally got tired of circumnavigating the Annoying Warning Message 'bout Blooger changing, that I've ignored for over two months, since I knew it wouldn't work with my current system and complaining to Google's absolutely 1,000% Useless!

But the chirpy, Sunshiny Bunnies 'N Rainbows message Notification politely suggested: We encourage you to try the New Blooger and tell us about any critical problems. But Don't Fret the Old Blooger Legacy platform will still be Available...

"cough-Cough," BULLSHIT!

As little did I know that when I clicked to Dismiss this Notification message Tuesday evening, August 4th - that it would Kick me to the New Piece 'O Shit Flash Bang Boy Howdy Palm Pocket-Rocket Blooger' version automatically and S-H-I-T, You FUCKS! I can No longer Post any riveting No Fenders Blog stories, Arseholes!

And now having reluctantly gone to the Blooger, Err Blogger Blog for the very first time, and being Disgusted over learning that apparently the reverting to Legacy option was a "Limited Time Offer," SHIT! If you're gonna pull a Fast One like that gOOgle, then you should Gory Well include explaining that in your message notification, El Correctomundo?

Although I believe, since Lucy' My Trusty 'Ol Arse-Steamed' (Zoomtext 10.1) Screen Reader cannot Read Anything on Blooger! Besides the first two words Search Posts, Sigh! But think Blogmeister Miguel said the current Notification message says we'll now have until September 1st to Revert to Legacy does Not Work, Psyche!

Especially since right now I seem trapped in No-Man's land, since my new winDOUGHS 10 machine and the Zoomtext 2020 Screen Reader that refuses interfacing with each other has sat on my desk unplugged since late March, CRAP! When I also lost the ability to Email; Oh Never Mind!.

As I Don't know how to currently rectify this problem, especially since so far I've managed to completely Stump the Zoomtext Tech Support Boffins repeatedly during multiple Remote Login sessions, URGH! Yet trying to make the Gory Confuzer' work will now apparently become my new Full-time occupation, Ack!

But Shame On You Google! As I find it totally incomprehensible to simply turn off the "Spicket" for somebody who's posted Blog stories faithfully on your Blog platform for nearly 14 years and 4,100-plus Posts later! As another Disgruntled longtime Blogger has just posted the following sentiments.

"I managed to ignore New Blogger for a few weeks but Google's ability to fark stuff up has the same air of inevitability as rotting corpses."

Google: Nobody Asked for A New Blogger Interface

Like many Racing Drivers, I'd hoped that and still do, that I'll be able to determine upon my own when I retire from blogging and go out on my own terms! But right now it appears that for the time being, Ye almighty gOOgle Monster has decided for Mwah instead, Buggers!

As that's the reason for my latest gap in Story Posts, and I'm sticking to that! Since not everybody can afford or wishes to live on a Smartfone', Yuhs Hear? Especially if you're Blind! And buying a new winDOUGHS 10 Computer may be the farthest thing from consideration right now for Millions of people, Kapish!?

Thus I've got No Clue when I'll hopefully be able to return to posting my riveting thoughts about Der Vurld de Motorsporten here on No Fenders in Ye future, or if I'll just go away in a whimper?

Or how to find out what the best blogging platform, if any for Blind writers exists? And why the world's so Hell Bent upon making everything impossible for Blind people! Like can we please Stop using graphic symbols for everything! Which if you're Blind, it's Gory Freakin' Hard to SEE 'em, get it? Not to even mention the unwillingness of Web Designers, Coders, etc to enable Screen Readers to R-E-A-D THEM!

As Google's Never Cared about the Blind or Visually Impaired in the 14 years I've been Fumblin', stumbling and most Definitely Bumbling thoust way along on Ye Intrawoods', aka that World Wide Web thingy. As c'mon Google, Knock Off the Insane use of Graphic Symbols, Puh-Puh-Puh-Plese!

No Gory Imogys Here!

Janis Joplin - Buy Me A Mercedes Benz video

Hope to return someday in the future. Although I've currently got Zero Clue towards when I'll be able to easily post blog Stories once again,

or need to migrate to another Blog platform instead, since Blogger's now thoroughly a Piece 'O Shit, FRICK!

Kudos to Blogmeister Miguel for Posting this riveting No Fenders rant...