Thursday, December 1, 2016

Another relic from Microsoft's Dustbin...

The long forgotten 2012 Ford Microstang by Microsoft and West Coast Customs. (Image source:
Customer Support? What Customer's, we're Microsoft, we DON'T NEED NO STINKIN" Tuh-Duh!

Actually, I suppose I should be glad for the recent Shenanigan's 'O Microsoft, for which I'm calling E-E-E! E' lection-Gate! When the BASTARDOES at micro-SOFT inadvertently(?) Buggered hundreds 'O thousand's of people's micro-SOFT winDOUGhs' products without any warning unusable by making our software's Macro Setting's inexplicably QUIT working; H-U-H!

As a legally Blind Wurd Botcherer' who lives Faux-nautically thru a Screen Reader cleverly named Lucy, I know when Microsoft's rolling a major winDOUGhs update by listening to the robotic voice telling me do NOT Turn Off your Confuzer; Err Computer monotone warning with the muted blue death screen illuminating thou room, which is exactly what happened late Wednesday evening, Nov 9th, when I should have been logged off for the night...



As any of uze astute No Fenders readers will have noticed long ago, I utilize Speelchequor frenetically Hares' in Nofendersville; Hya! Which maked's I-T somewhat funny that I first learned of these Hooliganism's when trying to run said feature and was totally Cornfuzed by Lucy reading me an ERROR message Dialogue box telling me the programme I was trying to run needs Macro Settings for which have been Disabled, as the system Administrator failed to select the Somme-thun-ruther' Blahity-blah before I glazed over saying What thee Fuck?

And then Shuhzamm! I could NO longer open any MS word documents either due to the totally unknown to Mwah Macro Setting issue, meaning NO more riveting BLOB stories, for which I immediately jumped on Thy Batfone' and called No Fenders Blogmeister Miguel el Pronto crying HELP!

As there's absolutely ZERO reason that micro-SOFT should Bugger up  software programmes regardless of the fact that I'm using an O-L-D, dated version of their venerable software!

As seriously?  While trying to keep this somewhat short, Miguel shouldn't have needed to Restore my system back to the previous "Blockpoint" update, i.e. Nov 4th after trying to troubleshoot via other user's via Zed Internetz' telling us how to fix this nefarious macro settings change which seemed to have a 50% success rate, naturally yours truly NOT working; URGH!

Then my system ran thru a very weird update scenario for several hours which shouldn't have occurred, and then when thinking HA-HA, NOT! That it was fixed, Parkay, butter! Internetz EXPLODER' was still not working fully, surprise? And mOOhzillah/Firefox wouldn't open 'cause it couldn't load the XPCOS File; H-U-H, what the? A-L-L of witch thankfully only cost me a day's usage, with Blogmeister Miguel totally saving my backside; Err bacon!

As I-T probably won't appear so, but this day being lost made me realize how I simply spend too mucho time on ze Machine! And how I need to focus upon myself instead, and try doing like the Formula 1 drivers routinely quip 'bout controlling only the things' they can control...

Alas, this nefarious Hooliganism by those DASTARDLY micro-SOFT winDOUGhs Coder Boffins made me immediately think 'bout another prime example of their misguided exploits I'd just recently viewed, albeit at a trot's pace, so the matt-black paint-job just looked like a big B-L-O-B to Mwah as we sauntered past on our latest trek to Americre's Car Museum, which is another story ah-waitin' harvesting in Nofendersville...

With Ye blob in Questione being the Microstang', a 2012 Ford Mustang fully kitted out with Microsoft's revolutionary winDOUGhs 8 future-ware, Y'all remember that?

As I specifically had said Confuzer I'm typing on this "Scratch-built" in order to utilize Windows 7, since being blind doesn't really interface very well with touch screen colour coded "tiles," especially if you're colour-blind Yuhs BASTARDOES!

As I'll wholeheartedly agree with Auto Guide's scribe above, that I-T certainly weren't NO work 'O art, as I just kinda shook my head before gettin' cranked UP over winDOUGhs 8! By sayin' we could keep going, since they'd ruined another Mustang!

Alas, although I-T probably won't appear so over the following weeks, since I was FOOLISHLY goin' Balls-to-Duh-Walls trying' to poond out stories, whilst watchin' Thy readership "Clicks" dramatically fall, having NO 'Puter and learning of Pixie-the-Wonderdog" scaring us by not eating for two days solid; SHEISA! You naturally take a step back from the precipice and ask yourself what's really important in life?

Brian Schmetzer
"Every now and again, you need a little bit of a mental break"

As Messer Schmetzer is Seattle's other Football coach, the only Seattle team I'm following right now, as wouldn't I-T be ironic if the Rave Green went A-L-L thee way after its first head coaching change in the current Sounders FC Franchise's history...

Hence, I'll just post the stories I'd already hammered out prior to E 'lection-Gate, before throttlin' back somewhat, meaning the Twelve Dazes 'O Carmania will slide into next year, but I'll definitely post the montage 'O wonderful London Motor Museum pictures taken by Claire this past summer in the near future...