Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Day of Infamy, 75 Years ago...

Like isn't that what that Oh, So Liberal; Err I think many called him a socialist President, YIKES! Yuhs know, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) proclaimed to our nation A-L-L those years ago...

Funny enough, like Y'all know my reoccurring sentiments here in Nofendersville... As how does time simply fly by? As I-T behooves Mwah that I've got a 70th Anniversary Pearl Harbour coffee mug, still in its original box that I got as a "Free-bee" for shopping on Duh B-I-g' ISLAND! Nee Hawaii, or more succinctly, Kona, sitting in thy Cupboards unused, which I scribbled 'bout said trip in;

Still marveling today, A-L-L this time later, over the kindly cashier being the first to ever question my "John Hancock," (signature) telling me I-T didn't match the back 'O card...

Yo Sister, I'm FREAKIN' Blind, like can't Yuhs S-E-E my white cane!

AnyHoo, now we're here five years later, and how times have changed
Quite-a-bit; Hmm? Why does that make me think 'O Bitamyte', eh? Since obviously that's the wrong continent Mates! But I digress...

Pacific Northwest's cacophony 'O vintage Aeroplanes...
Strange how one learns 'bout some hidden gems in their own backyard via local and national print media, which presumably is a dying form of communication...

It's interesting to think that a small piece 'O history has possibly landed in the Pacific Northwest three quarters of a century later! As I'll spare Y'all reinventing Duh Wheel so to speak 'bout what occurred today at 7:55AM in Hawaii at such venues as Hickam Field, etc.

Yet this new discovery of what conceivably is Femme fatale flight instructor & Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron(WASF) pilot Cornelia Fort's Interstate Cadet monoplane, now resides in the northern fringes 'O "The Jet City," nee Seattle, Washington.

As this relatively unheard of Warshintonion' Aeroplane museo' located in Burlington, WA is naturally celebrating today's Pearl Harbour anniversary in style, with a Demo' flight of the Interstate Cadet and a Japanese Zero. As perhaps I can get Tomas Sr. to drag me there one day?

Ironically, I'd just previously scribbled briefly 'bout what turns out to be another unknown Aeroplane museum north towards Oh CanaDuh, ARSE-Sumedly guessin' I-T was thee one  that The Interstate Cadet was located at; WRONGO DANNOE!

Having learned of these never heard of before Hidden Gems at said museum when scribbling 'bout the Red Bull Air Races at Indianapolis, albeit The Seattle Times noted it's premises as being located in Concrete, WA.

As the article in my local Fish-wrap was mostly a photographic expose 'bout thirty-five vintage Aeroplanes making up the North Cascade Vintage Airplane museum's collection.

As the distance between these two Skagit County cities is 29-miles, or as "Professor" (Steve) Matchett would pontificate: 29-miles in Old Money, or 46-kilometers in New Money; Hya!

And that's before we even get to the Mack Daddy 'O Vintage Warbird's collection par excellence, nee the Flying Heritage Collection of some local business tycoon named Mr. Paul G. Allen!

Hmm? Perhaps Y'all have heard of him? After all he owns some 'lil 'Ol National Football League team named the Seattle Seahawks, for which I'm treated to thou rapture of his fawning 12S' in my very neighborhood weekly, whom light off a barrage 'O BOOM-BOOM Fireworks after each 'N every win; YEEHAW!

Not to mention owning some round-ball NBA Franchise, the Portland Trailblazers. Seattle's other Football team, the Rave Green, (Sounders FC) along with EMP, formally known as the Experience Music Project located in the Seattle Centre, to name just a few of his properties; or may be Y'all know of his past exploits as co-founder  of some 'lil company called Microsoft!

While certainly you've heard of his Stratolaunch Systems controlled by Vulcan Aerospace, right? Part of his Vulcan, Inc. umbrella 'O companies, with the Aerospace division responsible for the creation of the Scale Composites Stratolaunch.

With the Stratolaunch being a behemoth 'O Aeroplane, currently the world's largest, as the Model 351 simply known as "The Roc" features twin-boom (tail) design, encompassing two mammoth composite fuselages 238-feet long, with a world-beater's wingspan of 385-feet!

Yeah, that's 15-feet longer each side of an NFL football field's opposing goal posts! Requiring six Pratt & Whitney turbofan jet engines to carry a monstrous, currently unsourced rocket to 35,000 feet for unaided air launch commercial space flights!

As presumably Stratolaunch Systems is just a Spin-off of his overall Aviation passion, which sparked his creation of the FHC )Flying Heritage Collection) in the late 1990's, located at Everett, Washington's Paine Field,  where the Boeing Company builds B-I-G 'OL JETLINERS!

As the FHC is not only dedicated to preserving the rapidly diminishing numbers of vintage warplanes, but also flying them in public, for which I'm typically serenaded by some of these "Beasts" flying south to Lake Washington for our annual Seafair regatta and it's supporting Airshow!

As the FHC has  a vast array of American, British, German, Japanese and Russian vintage airplanes in flying condition, as presumably the Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" taking part in Burlington's Heritage Museum's Fly-by today is from this collection?

And then Thar's and 'Ol Salt named Stevie GEE-TAR' Miller from this neck 'O wood's who made thee Jet City famous with him croonin' about Jet Airplanes - when not busy panderin' for a Cheeseburger...

VIDEO: Big Jetliner