Friday, December 2, 2016

Nico Rosberg walks Away from Formula 1

Pretty amazing stuff, to think you'd willingly give up the sport's best chassis in your prime, along with the monetary gains of driving I-T! As how refreshing indeedy...

Awoke this morning, beginning Thy ritual of "Switching On" by listening to the News via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service, which it's pretty Cool to Mwah that I can puruse the Daily Mail and rest 'O world at Thy Fingertips; but I digress...

Due to it's being across the Puddle, it's where I typically first hear of any breaking Formula 1 news, for which today there was four stories when I dropped in; with the first encountered being titled:

As it's funny how I was just reading; Err listening yesterday to Lucy' so eloquently speak Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward's word's 'bout Lewis Hamilton's quitting Mercedes being 100% BULLSHIT! As Yuhs simply do NOT walk away from the best chassis in Formula 1; Chuh-Ching! Before further expounding upon how pathetic today's media covering the sport is, where he mentions some more of the latest dribble as PURE 24kt CRAP!

As Joe should Know, since after all he's attended 500 Bloody Grands Prix in person; BRAVO! Whilst your humble No Fenders scribe simply hides in his Mum's basement lair as a wanna-be Keyboard Warrior; Hya!

As I'm NOT professing any super natural gifts here, or great purveyor 'O motorsports; but as in the email note I jotted off to our good friends in the Other Florence this morning:

Hmm? Haven't I been saying that Nico doesn't have the raw speed of Hamilton, not to mention "the Brat!" (Max Verstappen) for awhile now, Eh! As I'm left wonderin' why I'm the only F1 Aficionado NOT feeling Shocked or Stunned, and wasn't even surprised this morning when hearing the first story via Daily Mail on my NFB (Newsline for The Blind) telephone news feed.

So, I'm guessing in hindsight,  this is one of the reasons that prompted me to awake at 3:30, then 4:48AM (Pacific) before sitting underneath our (Hotel) room's Telie "Gansta;" Err RAP style, i.e.; Backside facing screen for 3hrs to hear Nico crowned world champion.

As my favourite memory will be the chanting of  Nico-Nico-Nico that followed immediately afterwards his coronation...

Thus the speculation over who'll ultimately grab this most coveted Silver Arrows seat will stoke the dying embers of the once fading Silly Season specter, for which James Allen puts a good spin on I-T! Since one would speculate that Pascal Wehrlein would be the man by default, albeit could we see "Fredrico Suave" join his past Bosom Buddy Hamilton once again? Along with Nico's full statement.

But for now, the spotlight should firmly shine upon Nico Rosberg, who defeated the sport's current fastest driver Mano e Mano en route to becoming the first German to win the Formula 1 world championship in a "German" car...