Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Holidaze from Up North Eh!

No Fenders Head Scribe Tomaso and his two trusty Speelchequor's, the late Mad Molly & Thou Pixolator hard at work roasting Chessnutz' at Honeymans State Park. (The Tomaso Collection)

Uhm? What's that 'Ol song some Kuhnaidiun Rocker named Geddy Lee crooned so long ago, eh? Y'all know, the Juan' on Bob & Doug McKenzie's Hit Album...

Otay, I'll quit lamenting the demise of 'Ol Mad Molly from now on, but, it'll be a somewhat Blue X-Mas without her, as I'd hoped she'd last a 'lil while longer, like A-L-L of us, eh?

As your humble No Fenders scribe Tomaso thought he'd be throttlin' back; HA-HA, NOT! On Ye BLOB' stories, with the remaining titles just needing to be populated to the nefarious Blog platform; like why are uze gOOgle BASTARDOES always mucking with I-T!  With the following stories awaiting publication: When Abu Dhabi's Big Top Quits Spinning, who'll land where, King 'O Cool's Youngster Speaks, Shooting Starz'' 2016 edition - Indy Lights series Shines On', Shooting Starz' 2016 Eurocentric edition (With the exception of knowing who'd won the GP2 & GP3 titles...) and Shooting Starz' 2016 Eurocentric edition rumbles on 'N on...

 A Day of Infamy, 75 Years ago... Naturally morphed into two part harmony, followed-up by spotting Somme-thun' entertaining 'bout Lapo Elkin. Whilst naturally, the Bimmers' invade ACM story got Super Sized, ultimately splittin' into three parts, - and naturally falling further 'N further down thou No Fenders rotation...

And then there's the Esteban Gutierrez Gesticulating being Thy internal code for the Mexican's Glove Tossing tantrum; Hmm? What was that Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward said 'bout the media and infotainment, Ci!

Thus leaving the month 'O December more busy than I'd hope for, typing ceaselessly. Still having failed to finish recounting my most enjoyable visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, which will always be the Hall of Fame museo to Mwah; Yada-Yada-Yada! As I just feel like I'm perpetually running on thou Treadmill, ore more succinctly Zed No Fenders Mobious-strip; ZOINKS!

No Fenders "Mule Team" walking in a dog train along Heceta Head beach near Florence, OR. Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen has her 2 dogs on a leash and is pulling Mwah forwards with my white cane as usual. The late Mad Molly is leading the pack on the right. Then Pixie the Wonderdog, Mary Ellen and Tomaso bringing up the rear as usual! (The Tomaso Collection)
Although this year I'm making a different Tack, as I'm currently Up North Eh! Somewheres' nearby "Victoria Island" as Lewis Black so cleverly coined I-T this past February when I had the good fortune of seeing him perform live in thee GURR-REAT White North!

Henceforth, like that long defunct black 'n white paper magazine I subscribed to yearly two decades ago known as Ontrack, I'm taking a two weeks Winter's Slumber and will return on Monday, January 9th, 2017, with the exception of two canned stories already planted in Nofendersville...

And as always, Thanxs to all three  of my loyal readers; Hooah! Err, a B-I-G' THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to everybody who's read, continues reading and supporting  No Fenders over the past Decade - and see Y'all next year...

Salutations, Felice Navidad and Merry Kringle, Y'all!

Or like those fabulous Hosers' Bob & Doug from Up North say, this one's empty, so Take Off Eh!

And please come back next year for another riveting season's worth of No Fenders scribblings' Y'all; Ho-Ho-Ho!

(Photographs Courtesy of Clarity Pictures)