Tuesday, August 4, 2020

F1: We're Not Racist...

And the Pope's not Catholic I suppose?

I've treid to refrain from Scribblin' about this but, I cannot keep from commenting about this anymore, albeit I'm less than qualified to trully do so...

While I'm Not at the least bit surprised by Uncle Bernaughty's Daft Comments on the subject, nor Sir Jackie Thee Wee Scot's', I must say I'm truly Disappointed by SuperMario's, nee Mario Andretti's stance upon the subject, since I thought he'd be more understanding due to his upbringing.

As how can these three Old White Men, with Mario the Whippersnapper' at 80yrs, Jackie Stewart 81 and Bernard Charles Ecclestone 89 know anything about Racism from a Black persons view? And why are they All trying to Denigrate Lewis Hamilton and his push for more Diversity in Formula 1?

Oh Yeah, I almost left out Jean Todt from this triumberant of Know It All 'Ol White Men regarding racism. Since I'd say that the FIA's not really doing very much on the matter. As Gory Hell, Lando Norris seems more committed than they are!

Thus I suppose that's why I found the always Forthright, Outspoken views of Willy T. Ribbs right on Ye Mark as Always. Although it's a Sad commentary regarding who Ribbs coyly calls Sir Studfield Mouse, a.k.a. Jack Stewart! And how the F1 Triple World Champion is The Diversity Issue...

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