Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Can Formula One’s Las Vegas race Hasten the Arrival of a new U.S. F1 Driver?

And what will Team Willy’s Driver Academy member The Sarge’, aka Logan Sargent have to Say about It?


Having been briefly upon a ferociously Ah-Blowin’ Oregon Beach with 40mph+ Winds during a (60-70mph) High Wind Warning en route to Warshington’, and away from Ye All Knowing Intrawoods’. (Internet) Naturally I missed the news over Andretti Autosport’s prized IndyCar driver Colton Herta signing an F1 Testing and Development Dealio’ with McLaren.


And it’s nice that the Medea’s finally reporting the obvious, that Colton currently does Not have the necessary Haul of points required for the mandatory FIA Superlicence to race in formula 1, currently being eight points shy of the 40 points required.


Thus I’ll take it at face value, that this is two Business Partners, i.e.; Mikey A’ and Zackery Brown Helping each other, since Michael Andretti and Brown are partners in Walkinshaw Andretti United’s Supercars team Down Under.


As it’s worth noting that Colton’s currently contracted to Andretti Autosport thru 2023, so the F1 Testing Gig’ will be done in between his current Day Job as an Indycar driver.


Yet Arse-sumedly it’s a Win Win Dealio for All involved. As Herta can not only get some F1 miles under his belt, but also accrue poonts towards a future FIA Superlicence, whilst Brown and McLaren get to evaluate a potential future driver  when DannyRic’s, nee Daniel Ricciardo’s contract expires at the end of 2023, in case they Don’t extend their relationship.


Reportedly the deal Doesn’t impact another potential McLaren F1 driver’s prospects, that being Pato O’Ward of Arrow MCLaren SP, who tested for the McLaren F1 Team during last year’s Young Drivers evaluation outing at Abu Dhabi as his reward for winning an IndyCar race.


Whilst Liberty Media’s top Banana CEO Greg Maffei is now Bullish upon it’s newest crown Jewell Sin City turning Up the Wick for a new, Hot U.S. Driver prospect in Formula 1 to further Pump Up it’s revenues, Err, I meant U.S. TV Viewership ratings, as we Need to “Squeeze Out One more Hit!”


All of which makes me wonder why the current 10 Formula 1 Constructors and the FIA are so lukewarm towards welcoming Mikey A’ and another team to the fold?


Since with 24 F1 races expected soon and the $200 million entry fee to appease the slight loss of profits? I cannot See how this isn’t good Business for All involved! As why are they Afraid of new competition?


Oh Yeah, in case Y’all haven’t Heard? Liberty Media and Formula 1 have announced it’s third U.s. F1 race to be held in Lost Wages’, aka Sin City, nee Las Vegas beginning in November 2023 as a Saturday Night race running upon the famed Vegas Strip.


Although contrary to speculation, according to Grizzled F1 Journo’ Joe Saward, the initial contract is just for three years, in order for both parties to be Happy with it’s outcome. While Liberty Media and it’s Formula 1 Group will promote the race itself thru Live Nation which Liberty Media owns…


Meanwhile, and I’m just totally speculatin’ here, But! Hmm, could we see Colton Herta behind the wheel of one of McLaren’s F1 Chariots in Friday’s (Free Practice) FP1 session at COTA, nee Circuit Of The Americas this October?


But does Formula 1 really need another American F1 Driver in order to be popular Stateside? Especially since it’s current growth is supposedly due to that Keeping Up with The Cardashian’s, Err Drive to Survive Netflix series!


Whilst the last Yank’ in F1, Alexander Rossi has long since moved on since his brief tenure with the Manor Marussia F1 Racing Team Wayback in 2015…