Thursday, April 28, 2022

The Succulent Sounds of IndyCar

Although Don’t get too Excited about Indy Cars just Yet…


    It’s pretty Amazing how a brief step away from Zed Confuzer and “Discussing’ Blogging with Good Friends can Change your perspective, or should that be Perspective lens, Eh?


As Randal, Thy No Fenders Moniker King and his wife Ginnette came All the way down to Bumfiddle Florence, Oregon for a Fantastic Dinner at one of our well established restaurants, the Zebra Bar on Bay Street. As I could have used my Whale’ vernacular in deference to our legendous’ Exploding Whale History, but I digress…


Being asked over Dinner if I was still Blogging and how it was going? And if I was still sharing my Opinions and if they were positive or negative? Yep, I’m still doing this Blogging Gig nearly 16 years later and am probably getting more Cynical, which is may be why I’ve only got 3 readers, Righto, Hya!


Thus originally my Post’s title was going to be A Not so Good look for Indy Cars, since I still think there’s way too much Positive Camber, Err Spin being applied to what we All know now for certain.


That Paretta Motorsport has “elected’ to run a three race stint with Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR) following IndyCar’s most prestigious race of the year, the Indianapolis 500! With Beth Paretta Banging On about how it’s the right way to build a team for the future, which I’m trying to take at “Face” value…


Since surely the cachet of running Road America, Mid Ohio and Nashville vastly out does that Month ‘O May’s ‘lil Oval race at Mother speedway, El Correctomundo?


No, instead for Mwah, what troubles me most about this, is what happened to El Capitano’ and Penske Entertainment’s “Push” for Diversity? Since I find it Appalling how Quickly this has been Thrown Underneath the Rug! As first Myles Roe was given the Heave Ho, like Luke warm Bathwater! And now Symona-Symona’, aka Simona de Silvestro’s been Kicked Derbside because, Uhm? We cannot find enough “Veteran” Crewmembers to Go Over the Wall, Balderdash!


On a positive note, I will acknowledge how pleasantly surprised I am for the moment regarding how easily I can now actually access the IndyCar Radio Network and how “Slick” it is to actually have a Screen Reader Friendly Click Here to listen link! As I’ve been able to Tune In to Mark Gravelly’ James and Davey Hamilton calling a Rain Delayed Indy 500 Open Test on Day-1, since I’d Arse-sumed incorrectly that the second Day’s practice was over at it’s originally scheduled time of 4PM ET, ergo 1PM Pacific…


And I also recall saying Out loud to Thyself how Comcast/NBC and IndyCar had Pulled Their collective Heads outta Thar Tailpipes! When discovering that we’d actually be getting our traditional 30mins Postrace Terrestrial TV coverage back beginning at Long Beach!


Yet apparently I’m getting Ahead of Thyself! Since I just checked the Broadcast time for the Grand Prix of Alabama and noticed that NBC Badly took Ye Barber’s Sheers to It! Since Thars just a straight 2 hours TV Broadcast with No 30mins Pre/Post-race Vignettes, since they immediately go to the IMSA Sports Car race at Laguna Seca which is a 3 Hours Broadcast. So I’ll go with IndyCar Radio instead!


As I try “supporting” IndyCar buy “Watching,” Err listening to the races via NBC, even if It’s definitely Nothing But commercials! As what’s that prase about the Cable Bill going Up and Up?


As I know it’s “Early Days” yet, since I’ve only listened to The Mayor of Hinchtown, aka James Hinchcliffe in the “Booth” twice, But!


I’m not sure how much longer I can endure the Pete-Repeat routine between (Townsend) T-Bell’ and Hinch’, which immediately makes me think of those two Cartoon Chipmunks Chip and Dale. No No, I insist, you first…


Whilst lastly, have to say I’m somewhat Bemused by All of the conjecture stirred up by one Old Man on Ye Blogosphere Shouting At the Clouds Get Off My lawn! Over IMS deciding to “Pause” indefinitely the releasing of Thousands of Helium filled Balloons just moments before the start of the Indianapolis 500 this year.


Yes, it was a time Honoured Tradition dating back to 1947 or whenever? Along with Riding Mechanics, Front engine Roadsters, etc. But with Roger Penske’s IMS trumpeting it’s move towards becoming the first major Eco Friendly Sporting venue in North America, Whatever that Means? Along with it’s Sustainability Push, plus the massive increase in Helium prices, I simply “See” this as a Business Model Case decision, a la like Indy Cars move to Hybrid engines.


As it’s worth noting that Penske Truck Leasing has just ordered 750 Electric E Transit Cargo Vans from the Ford Motor Company, with initial units being available for rental in Southern California shortly. Whilst I won’t belabour the point that Penske runs Ford Mustangs in NASCAR, CoInky-dense?


Nah, the only issue I’ve got with said Blogger’s rant over the Balloons going away at Mother Speedway is that He immediately Attacks Environmentalist! Since if Mankind wasn’t so Hell Bent on Destroying the Planet, as Can Y’all Say Microplastics? Along with the Global Derth of Plastic pollution that indeed does Kill Animals, then the need for such Organizations probably wouldn’t be needed!