Monday, April 25, 2022

Douched Again by ESPN!

As it’s the ‘Ol Stick ‘N Ball Switcheroo,Stee-rike!


So apparently if you want to watch Formula 1 Stateside, Y’all know that ‘lil racing series that’s Peaking Off the Charts due to that epic Netflix Reality series The Real Housewifes of F1… Then Y’all better Bloody well get up at Oh Dark 30 for the live Broadcast or else Yuhs might get Sopping Wet!


As what a  bunch of Bullshit! I Didn’t spend the morning waiting patiently for the two Hours Alpo Fly Dog Relay Ruf Ruf Puppydog Show from Indiana to finish, just in order for an El Stupidio programming change to Men’s College Baseball game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide you Jackarses!


As my Zap2It TV Guide said that the Formula 1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix would be replayed on ESPNews at 11AM Pacific, which sounded much more soothing than getting up at Gory 6AM for the live TV Broadcast on the Flagship ESPN channel.


As the Puppydog show ended and two Blathering Sportscasteers began Prattling on about the Georgia Bulldogs I just sat there in Disbelief and began spewing Out loud you Mother Fuckers!


As what’s that ‘Ol Who song about Won’t get Fooled Again? Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss…


As I sit here typing away Fuming, I’m wondering if ESPNews will conveniently be replaying the F1 race at 2PM Pacific solely to make it go Head to Head with the CNBC Tape Delayed TV Broadcast of the Portugal MotoGP race, you Douchebags!


Since I’d planned on a lazy Day “Watching,” Err first listening to the F1 “Encore” Presentation with the Mothers Shoe Polish lady immediately followed by the MotoGP race…


Yep! That’s absolutely the Ticket! Since after returning to Thy Telie’ at 12:23PM ESPNews was playing some  X Games Skateboarding Show. And then for Humour, turning the Boob Tube back on at 1:36PM, Sky sports F1’s Kroftie’, aka David Kroft and Paul di Resta filled my speakers with a wet parade lap taking place in Imola. As it’s Lights Out at 1:36 Friggin’ PM you Dirty, Filthy Bastardoes!


Meaning Once again, we’ve been Douched by ESPN! Ahem, who’s F1 Contract is up at season’s end, since they seem to be treating it just like Indy Cars, obviously right now I say Good Riddance!


Even if Liberty Media’s hoping to Gouge the Shit outta whoever lands the new U.S. F1 TV Contract, which Liberty’s hoping to inflate to an Insane $75 million per year TV Rights Fee! Which naturally, those prices will be passed along to the consumer…


As may be, just may be it’ll be time to finally Stop caring about Formula 1?


As Shame On You ESPN and Liberty Media!