Friday, April 29, 2022

Blind Drag Racer sets New Speed record!

But Don’t think it’ll let Him into Bonneville’s 200 Club…


So I’ve had this sitting in my email for a few weeks now. As Florentine F1 Spotter Jeannie sent it to me. As it’s about the Blind Drag Racer I scribbled ‘bout here on No Fenders awhile ago. As Dan Parker’s finally set a new Guiness World Record for Blind Speed Merchants at an incredible speed a skosh North of  211mph!


Like I said, I wrote about Dan here on No Fenders Wayback in 2020, having originally Heard about Him via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service’s Car and Driver magazine section.


As I’d still like to know more upon the technical side of Dan’s Corvette, i.e.; his custom computer aided Guidance system, and the dual steering controls, etc. But still it’s pretty Freakin’ Amazing!


As naturally, being Blind, this subject’s fascinated Mwah for almost a Decade now, having first scribbled about the subject in the following No Fenders tome…