Thursday, March 14, 2019

It's Bloody G-O Time Down Under, Mates!

Will the new season be All Hearts 'N Kisses for Kimi Raikkonen, or when will the Honeymoon be Over with Alfa Romeo racing.
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And I'm actually excited about the racing, Not so much the Sport's leadership or the Derth 'O "Democratic" Countries on the Schedule...

Aye Mateys', it's time to G-O Racin' again Down Under in Bloody OZ', as the formula 1 Circus invades Melbourne, Australia this weekend.

And although I'm actually pretty excited about the start of another F1 season, ARSE-Sumedly this is largely due to Hope Springing Eternally that we'll actually see some New Faces on the F1 Podium, and more specifically, a Different F1 World Champion!

As the two Drivers I absolutely Despise on the Grid are Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel! Arguably the Sports two largest ARSEHOLES!

Yet that being said, I'm just really Hoping that Anybody other than "golden Child," aka Lewis Hamilton wins the title this year, even if the most likely culprit is 'lil Sid Viddle', nee Seb Vettel, Eh?

Whilst at the very least I'm hoping la Scuderia can stop the Silver Arrows crushing the Competizione yearly in thou vaunted Constructors Championship, and keep 'em from tying Ferrari's streak of six consecutive titles, a la Scuderia Ferrari's run between 1999-2004. Y'all know when that Michael Schumacher Chap was Wide eye 'N Bushy-tail behind the wheel.

Nope instead I'm more intrigued over how long it'll take for Honda in the back of the Red Bull to claim its first victory in ages for the mighty Japanese Automaker. Along with seeing how Danny Ric' and le Reggie', nee Renault prosper. As I'll expect Renault to score a minimum of one podium somewheres along the way.

While I'm pretty sure I've already covered the two F1 Constructors changing names in the previous No Fenders rant...

And Thars' a total of four Rookies on the Grid this year, All being graduates of the FIA Formula 2 Feeder Series, most notably the Top 3 finishers from last year. Led by reigning F2 Champion George Russell at the lowly Team Willy', nee Williams.

Followed by F2 Runner-up Lando Norris at McLaren and third place finisher Alexander Alvin, the Sport's first Formula 1 Driver from Thailand Debuting at Scuderia; Err, Uhm Red bull Toro Rosso Honda. Which isn't that a "double Negative?" Oh Never Mind!

With the fourth Rookie on the F1 Grid being the only one of this Quartet who's already raced previously. As former GP2 Pilote' Antonio Giovinazzi, whom finished runner-up to that year's GP2 Series Champion Pierre Gasley, Deputized for Pascal Wehrlein at Sauber at Melbourne and China in 2017, when the German was recovering from a back injury.

Whilst many eyes will be focused upon the return of whom I Oh So Cleverly nicknamed "the Krakow Kid," aka Robert Kubica's return to the F1 Grid this year after an eight year absence.

Although I must say I have mixed emotions over this. Being happy for Kubica's return to thou Pinnacle 'O Motor Racing, nee Formula 1. I fear his time has come 'N gone, and it'll be very Sad to see him trundlin' round the grid as Tail-gunner Charlie in the woeful Team Willy' cars.

Meanwhile, per Tipicali, the freshest breath on the F1 Circus is the always understated Monosyllabic "Iceman," aka Kimi Raikkonen, now the Sport's Elder Statesman.

As Kimi in his usual Finnish siloquy muttered We'll See when We Go Racing Where We Really Are!

As I couldn't have said or typed it any better, Kimi. Since we're All ah-waitin' on Pins and Needles the lights turning Green in Melbourne and seeing how the first race of the new season Shakes Out...