Thursday, March 14, 2019

F1: 2019 Season Changes

Just a very quick Jot' about the major rule Changes for the 2019 Formula 1 Season, for which per Tipicali, I'll let others do thoust Heavy Lifting.

As you're probably aware of the main Aerodynamic Tweaks to this year's F1 Chassis. Most notably the revised Front Wings, coupled with revised Barge Boards and Rear Wings to Hopefully induce easier Overtaking. but the Jury's still out upon this.

Not to mention having heard how Pirelli's simplifying it's tyre compound choices this year...

Although I'm not certain that it is simplified. Since although now we'll only have to be aware of three different colour bands on those Pirelli "P-Zero" Performance tyres, i.e.; White, Yellow and Red - for Hard, Medium and Soft.

Thars' actually five tyre compounds on-hand for each race, albeit being graded from C1 thru C5. Which means that a Medium tire's not necessarily a Medium tyre, i.e.; say a C2 vs. C3, Got It?

And lastly, the World Motor Sport Council's (WMSC) just Rubber Stamped the FIA's Rules proposal of Liberty Media's request to reintroduce awarding a single point for the Fastest Lap of the race, in order to spice Up the show.

Hmm? Does that imply that Grands Prix are Boring? And that this is an attempt to give thou Talking Headz' something to Prattle On 'bout when we're watching another Formula 1 Road Train Snoozer' race.

Although this single point, which will also be awarded to said Driver's team, for their respective Constructors Championship will only be awarded if the Driver finishes in the Top-10.

Also be aware, the Chequered Flag now is solely a Symbolic gesture, for our benefit. As the actual end of the race will be signaled via the Overhead lights system, a la race starts...