Sunday, March 3, 2019

ATTRACTIONS: General Museums

Just a very Short listing of some interesting sounding Museums I've Gleamed Thar Names over thou past Decades-plus 'O Scribblin' here in Nofendersville from Near and Afar. along with briefly scourin' Zed Internetz' for Info upon Oregon's Gems.

This Museum listing is by NO Means Complete, and is just intended as a Brief No Fenders primer for ideas of places to visit in the Pacific Northwest...

Columbia River Maritime Museum
Location: Astoria, OR
Just stumbled upon this museum when searching the "IntraWoods" for Oregon museums, whilst Astoria's got a Soft Spot in thou Heart, since some Astor dude named it. Like Y'all know, Indy Cars current Series Championship Mug, thou Astor Cup, Righto!

Oregon Coast Military Museum
Location: Florence, OR
Since this is located in my New Hometown 'O Florence, affectionately known as thee Utter' Florence! Not that Italian one; Hya! as we've got Cows Here, Oh Never Mind! Although I haven't visited it yet. Nonetheless, I thought I'd better include it, eh?

Friends of Cottage Grove
Location: Cottage Grove, OR
Although this isn't a Museum per sei, I learned about the nearby town of Cottage Grove's attempts to find permanent residence for a wonderful sounding vintage Carousel via the Register Guard Newspaper...

Sea Lion Caves
Location: Florence, OR
While I'd be remiss to not give a Shout Out to another of my New Hometown's legendous' Haunts, which I visited as a Wee lad', having no idea I'd move Thar one day...

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Location: Portland, OR
Of the three Oregonian Museums I've listed here, this is the one that grabs thou Attenzione the most, primarily due to supposedly being able to walk thru the USS Blueback *SS-581) Submarine, which hopefully I'll get to do one day...

Or Y'all can visit the Museum's main website below;

The Hydroplane and Raceboat museum
Location: Kent, WA
This is a wonderfully low key museum dedicated to the preservation of classic hydroplanes that graced the shores of Lake Washington and features a small collection of vintage piston powered hydroplanes such as Miss Budweiser, Slo Mo, Miss Bardahl and Atlas Van Lines to name just a few.

Having regaled Y'all 'bout my Debutante outing a long, long time ago recently in the following No Fenders tome...

Museum of History & Industry (MOHI)
Location: Seattle, WA
This is a wonderful museum known to locals as "MoHi." Showcasing the history of Seattle and the Puget Sound, which as a Wee lad' I visited multiple times when it was located near the "Mont lake Cut" on thou Shores 'O Lake Washington. Then featuring the glue pot that caused the great Seattle fire of 1889. An early Boeing mail delivery plane, now having learned that it was actually Boeing's very first Commercial Aeroplane, the 1919 Boeing B-1, along with the fact that presumably Bill Allen,
and The Boeing Company donated $50,000 towards an Aviation Wing in the museum.

I say presumably Bill Allen since the new museum's main floor's Atrium is formally known as the Faye G. Allen Grand Atrium, hosting the Boeing B-1, the iconic Rainier Brewing neon R sign, an Ivar's Acres 'O Clams costume, etc.

Along with a Submarine's periscope you could look thru out at Lake Washington and the Slo Motion hydroplane just to name a few of its exhibits that I can still somewhat recollect from Wayback' many Decades ago.

The Museum has moved since then, needing to make way for the re-configuration of SR-520's Lake Washington Floating Bridge. With the old museum closing in June, 2012, to its current location, the former Naval Reserve Armory building at South Lake Union after a $90m renovation that opened to the public on December 29, 2012.