Friday, March 29, 2019

AUTOS: Haulin' some Wild Oates at Amelia Island

Will this modern day interpretation of the iconic Pontiac GTO Judge come to fruition in 2019? (Image source:
Ah, perhaps we'll all go on a Surfin' Safari' now that the Racing Season's commenced, and Spring's Sprung...

Although the Winter's Weather really hasn't been that Bad here in thoust 'lil Seaside enclave known fondly as Thee Utter' Florence... Whilst one Nashvillian Blogger's lamented how nice it was to be in St Pete vs. his Hometown's teens'...

Perhaps with Indy Cars being in St Petersburg, Florida, and Formula 1 commencing Down Under. Hell, even the FIA's World Endurance Championship (WEC) went On Holiday in Sebring, Florida, as thou Opening Act for IMSA's classic 12 Hours of Sebring Sports Car race.

It's hard to believe it was just over a month ago when I heard the most Hilarious Weather Forecast, ARSE-Sumedly comin' outta Eugene, Oregon which was in the midst of being hammered by a mega Snowstorm, Feb 25th!

Not only did said "record" Snowstorm which Dumped at least Nine inches of "White Stuff!" If not more? Make for some Stormy Days. Although fortunately not being upon thoust Amtrak train Snowbound for three days; Aye Karumba!

Nonetheless, the Downing of multiple Trees from said Snow accumulation Knocked Thee Power Out for three of the approximately ten Radio Stations I can receive. And that's being generous over what I can actually pull in clearly! Although naturally these were the three stations I typically listen to.

Thus scrollin' up 'N down thou Airwaves upon my retro style transceiver, replete with 'Ol Fashioned tunin' dial! I ran across US101FM, which turns out to be one of the two Country Stations that comes in loud 'N clear; But I Digress...

As it's somewhat slipped aways' now, as Don't think the DJ actually said the word Criminal? But I was busy bursting out in laughter as he politely noted that if you were awaiting or scheduled for Arraignment that Monday, the Court was Closed and you've got an extra Day to play Hooky! So G-O out 'N Play in the Snow! I kidz' Yuhs Not!

Can Y'all tell I'm runnin' behind per Tipicali here in Nofendersville, and typing madly to poond' out some riveting BLOB' Stories before going' on my own Spring Break; YEEHAW!

Hence, All of this Talk 'bout warmth in Thee sunshine State made me go searchin' for some Surfin' music to listen to whilst scribblin' away. And after selecting some random Best of Surfin' music; WHUH-WHUH-WHUH-WIPEOUT! I ran across a song I'd never heard before, which sounded somewhat like those legendous' Beach Boys Crooners...

Although I was surprised to learn that the song was performed by Ronnie & The Daytonas; Hmm, Who's Dat? Having never heard of them before.

As ironically, they Hailed from Nashville, Tennessee. And GTO was their first Hit Song in 1964. Arguably their biggest, having peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Charts with over One Million copies  Sold!

Although when I think of "Surfers" Car Songs, naturally The Beach Boys little Deuce Coupe and 409 immediately spring to mind. As arguably it was 409, released in April, 1962 that got the Ball; Err Hot Rodders ah-rollin', Righto? For which I'd say 'lil GTO's got many similarities to, Eh?

VIDEO: 409 - Song

Thus, not to be upstaged, Amelia Island was hosting its annual passage 'O spring Concours de elegance event the same Bloody weekend as thou Indy Cars were going Green on the Temporary Street circuit of St Petersburg.

With this year's Concours featuring an exhibit of Rock Stars 'N Guitars', Spearheaded by John Oates, one half of the Rock Band Hall & Oates, with Messer Oates also bringing two of his own vehicles to said exhibit. Most notably his 1960 Porsche 356 Emory Special Speedster.

And although the gathering of rockers' Cars was small, one of the notable rides was the ex-Janis Joplin "Psychedelic" Porsche 356.

Having just donned on Mwah, the irony of one of Janis's classic songs about a Mercedes, when she was driving a Porsche...