Monday, March 11, 2019

Indy Cars New World Order!'

Where Our Bottom Line is "Job No.1!"

As Do Not try to Adjust the Vertical or Horizontal Scroll, We Have Assumed Control...

Imagine what better way to ingratiate yourself with longtime Diehard IndyCar Racing Aficionados around the Globe, Eh? As Quick show of Hands, how many International, or Dare I ask? Stateside TV Viewers Saw the weekend's action. The Season's very first Bloody Race No less!

As certainly Y'all are aware of Indy Cars New & Improved NBC Sports Television package, Righto? Chirp-chirp; Bueller? For which I've been told isn't Akin to a "Pay Wall," buh-Buh-Believable!

Making Lewis Hamilton's recent sentiments over the fact that viewership of Formula 1 has dropped from a high of 6 million viewers, down to 2 million with England's switcheroo behind the Iron Curtain Pay Wall TV model worth noting!

For Humour, I tried seeing if I could Drop-in 'N listen to Friday's practice like I used to do each and every year via Indycar.Com's Live Timing & Scoring Webpage. But NOPE! They Done Sealed that avenue Off for Avid IndyCar followers...

Thus naturally I'm not one bit surprised that Indy Cars has also SCREWED many, many Fans around the World with its New & Improved International TV Package! As that's Definitely the Way to Grow the Sport Mark Miles, Atta Boy!

Seriously? North Korea has better television coverage than Australia? Blimey!

And to think we here in the lower 48 States were only partially Hosed! Unlike our neighbours Up North eh!

Like C'mon, who cares 'bout Oh KanaDuh, Take Off Eh? They've only got one IndyCar Driver on the Grid and Isn't Hockey Thar National Sport? Oh Never Mind!

Meanwhile, I simply cannot comprehend the Apathetic State 'O IndyCar Fans here in Americre', Land of The Free; Oh Never Mind! Yet I just Don't Get It! As it's Not the Money, it's the Principal of what Indy Cars is telling us!

Although I must confess I'm Not overly Happy being told by one Hot Shot IndyCar Blogger telling me to Put Up or Shut Up! As I've just got two words to say to that, and the first begins with...

Thee first letter of what Kermit is, and both words are just four letters long. Are there any F's Vanna?

Not to mention Mister IndyCar Blogger McSmarty Pantz', Riddle Me This? Britain, thou Bastion 'O Indy Cars has better TV Coverage than Good 'Ol Americre', which cannot even manage to show Qualie' and Races Live; WTF!
Along with everyone being able to afford $4.00 per month. Whale', actually if you're gonna round down from your Early Bird Special to make your point, then I'm gonna round up from the actual $4.5833 per month cost being four dollars and 60 cents per month Bugger! But why is nobody opposed to Indy Cars being relegated behind a Pay Wall due to the Fact that it simply cannot generate the necessary TV Ratings to keep it on Uhm, what's the new word now? Hmm, seeing the lingo Linear Television being thrown about quite a bit.

Not to mention, like Sergio Perez is Speaking Up about the possibility of his home Grand Prix in Mexico possibly Disappearing from the F1 Calendar. Noting once Thar Gone, It's a lot harder to get a Grands Prix back.

Which I'd surmise will be the similar proposition for Indy Cars ever returning to "Mainstream" Terrestrial, Err Linear Television Broadcasts on "Our Home of Motorsports;" SHEISA!

And to this Know it All Blogger, can you Assure me said NBC Gold Pass will interface Seamlessly with my Screen Reading Software?

Nope, instead of this being the New World of Pay-2-Play" Television sports, actually, it's the Death Knoll of Indy Cars remaining relevant in the world 'O Stick 'N Ball Sports! Which means, once again I Don't wanna Hear any Glory, Glory, Hallelujah Coom-bye-Yah' Cysce Rah Boom! IndyCar Ratings are going U-P BULLSHIT!

Since why is that 'Ol melody Killing Me Softly with His song by Roberta Flack playing in my Head right Now Mr. Miles?

Actually you've Done Me a Huge Favour Indy Cars, as now I'll have two thirds of my weekends Freed Up from trying to pay Attenzione to Yuhs on Thy Telie, which surely is Good News for Advertisers, Righto?