Monday, March 4, 2019

INDYCAR: International TV Packages Finally Announced

Hur-ray, Hur-ray, Hur-ray, the show's about to Begin...

I first became aware of the lack of any Definitive IndyCar TV Deals for our International Brethren via Geo. Phillips Oilpressure site. Hmm? Who is this Cat; Hya!

Although I cannot say that Indy Cars typically Daft Handling of the matter came as a surprise to Mwah. I mean, when Mark Miles speaks... Uhm, Uh, People listen, Righto?

AnyHoo, in El Typicale fashion, IndyCar let the first part of the story outta Duh bag on a Friday, when Duh' Media's trying to Dump Stories Nobody will pay Attenzione to. Or perhaps just a Slow News Day?

Yet just a week before Indy Cars engines roar to life for the season's first practice session came Word! Although per Tipicali, it was Racer's Marshall Pruett breaking the story for Mwah. First eluding to it during his Podcast with Thee Viking! Anders Krohn.

But if you're Up North in Thee Great White North, Eh! Or Down Under Mates, you'll have to keep Ah-waitin' News of where Yuhs may be able to catch IndyCar on the Telie'. I mean may be we'll learn today, tomorrow or who knows? As Thars' only how many Days until the first race?

And that's without even mentioning the time differences, as I'm pretty sure Oz' is one Day Ahead IndyCar...