Friday, March 29, 2019

F1: Bahrain's legacy?

Whilst we're All Home Happy and comfortably watching the Formula 1 Circus perform in the Desert Kingdom of Bahrain, away from the Floodlights of the Sekir circuit a different Show's being performed.

Perhaps you've heard of the Brutal Regime's ceaseless Crackdown upon Citizens Daring to Differ vs. the Kingdom's Official lines? As reportedly one such Subject's been incarcerated for simply sharing her own view upon a Facebook post in 2017!

Human Rights Groups Urge F1 to Act over Jailed Bahraini Protester Najah Yusuf

 Or you can read Najah's letter that's sparking the latest outcry, Detailing her Torture and Sexual Assault during Imprisonment, after simply publicly mocking Formula One's continued events in Bahrain as Sportswashing'.

Whilst Bahrain's not alone in such Human Rights Atrocities, as Azerbaijan's F1 race upon the City Streets of Baku immediately comes to mind, regarding Political Whitewashing. While Vietnam's recent law imposing Internet Censorship towards anyone Criticizing the Government doesn't exactly sound Democratic, Eh?

And then there's this 'lil 'Ol Grands Prix in Austin, Texas, which currently is wrangled in a Funding Myre after losing reimbursement of $20 million dollars for last year's event. Reportedly over failing to meet Governor Abbott's sign-off upon Human Trafficking Documents...