Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Team Willy's Pre-Abu Dhabi Announcement Outshines Season Finale

Yabba Dabba Dubai', the Season's done 'N Dusted! As one B-I-G' Name leaves, another Big Name returns...

Whale', I suppose the main reason I was willing to stay up into thou Wee Hours to watch; Err listen to le Dueshes' (ESPN) encore presentation of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix late Sunday night was the fact that it was the Season Finale; Hurrah!

As Wada Yuhs Know? Shocking, NOT! Formula One's TV Viewing figures have Leveled off this year, with nary a Peep 'bout The U.S. Market's numbers, which surely have gone down thou Drain with the Bastardized Broadcasts we're receiving via those fine Liberty Media Folks...

And surely everybody knows by now that thee Raging Bull; Oopsadaisy! That's Maximus Hothead', Not Fernando; Hya!

Uhm, Y'all know that Fred Alonso's retiring from Formula 1 after becoming the Sport's second most tenured driver with a startling 312 Grands Prix starts to his credit, only out surpassed by 'Rubino, nee Rubens Barrichello's staggering 322 career starts!

Although it's worth noting that Barrichello's tally took longer due to there being less Grands Prix per season then now. Which if Liberty gets it's wish of a ridiculous 25 "super bowls;" Err Grands Prix per season, will the new records really mean anything? 

Whilst naturally, but I'm happy to hear him say so. Fernando notes that Michael Schumacher was his biggest rival during his Formula 1 career! As I still recall the smarmy Spaniard being thou Scourge for daring to beat Herr Schuey' for the title in 2005-06; Ja-Ja!

Meanwhile, gueesin' Y'all know about the driver I previously nicknamed "the Krakow Kid," nee Robert Kubica's amazing return to Formula 1 next season as Team Willy's second race driver.

As the now 33yr old Pole', soon to be 34 will become the Grid's second oldest F1 Driver, behind thou sports Elder Statesmen being thee "Iceman," nee Kimi Raikkonen at age 39. When Robert takes the green lights Down Under for Williams next year  alongside rookie F1 team-mate George Russell...

As I wish for nothing but the Best for Kubica & Williams, but Thars' a part 'O me that feels this is a  publicity exercise to boost morale for the woeful Grove based team's fall to the bottom of the F1 constructors table...

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